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CT/ST Interview Course

CT/ST Interview Course (Medical/Surgical)

CT and ST medical interviews have become increasingly competitive. Our fully interactive one-day medical interview course for CT and ST posts will give you all the tools you need to prepare effectively.

  • Max 12 participants
  • London & Birmingham
  • CPD approved - 6 points
  • Comprehensive coverage of interview questions
  • Interactive discussions on current issues
  • Personal feedback. Comprehensive handout
  • Note: this course is specifically for applicants to Medical/Surgical CT and ST posts. If you are applying for a dental DCT or ST post, please book on our Dental DCT/ST interview course instead.
10% discount if you book 2 places on this course
or if you book another personal development/interview course at the same time.


Places availableCourse is full
COVID 19 UPDATE: Due to lockdown restrictions and uncertainties regarding the forthcoming months, all CT/ST course will run virtually on the Zoom platform until further notice, with a maximum number of 8 candidates. 
We run CT / ST interview courses regularly between September and April each year. Our next medical/surgical interview courses for CT and ST interviews will take place as follows:

Our courses are run at the following venues:


Grange White Hall Hotel, 2 - 5 Montague Street, London WC1B 5BP.

De Vere West One Centre, 9 - 11 Portland Place, London W1B 1PR.

Both venues are located in central London.


Townhouse Hotel Manchester, 101 Portland Street, Manchester M1 6DF

The hotel is located near Piccadilly train station.



09:30 prompt start, until 17:45

Note - some courses may run until 18:00 if participants are particularly interactive.


Through the interactive discussions, personal practice and small-group workshops of this medical/surgical CT / ST / SPR interview skills course, you will learn:

  • How to bring structure your answers during medical interviews in order to avoid waffling
  • How to personalise your answers using examples drawn from your experience and achievements
  • How to use each question as an opportunity to sell yourself
  • How to give a mature opinion on governance and current NHS issues
  • How to create a rapport with the interviewers and deliver natural answers
  • Important medical interview techniques to derive answers to any question

The course is specifically for candidates applying to CT, ST or SPR posts and caters for all the majors aspects being tested at CT, ST & SpR interviews. It is also suitable and fully relevant for candidates applying to non-training posts (staff grade).

In order to maintain the high quality of our courses, we are only accepting 12 participants maximum. You will therefore be able to raise and address at length any personal issues you want to discuss.

During the course we will be working on real CT & ST interview questions asked at previous CT & ST interviews. If there are specific issues or medical interview questions that you want to discuss, bring them along and we will do our best to incorporate them within the CT / ST interview course.


A chance for candidates to interact with their trainer and fellow candidates prior to the course to address and discuss general concerns and personal issues.
A look at a range of techniques to answer questions testing your background and motivation, including:
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Take us about your CV
  • Why this specialty?
  • Why this deanery?
Learn how to structure and personalise answers through discussions and practice on:
  • Communication skills
  • Team playing
  • Leadership and management
  • Teaching, Audit and Research experience
  • Handling stress and mistakes
  • Strengths and weaknesses
13:00 LUNCH
An in-depth look at questions relating to academic matters important for ST applicants, including a close look at evidence-based medicine and clinical governance matters such as risk management. Further personal practice.
Workshop and discussions around various scenarios involving difficult work-based situations, including difficult colleagues (drunk consultant and other types of unfit colleagues) and consent/ethical issues.
A look at current topics and reforms in the NHS hot topics.

It takes just one ST interview course to bring you the success that you deserve

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Why Come To ISC Medical's CT, ST & SPR Interview Course?

MAXIMUM 12 participants

We don't make you sit with 100 or 200 other people in a big lecture theatre like our competitors do (and they charge more!). With a small group size of 12 people, we ensure that you get the maximum attention and support throughout the day and that you learn ST interview skills in a way that suits you personally.

Group activities and individual practice

Interview technique is not just about theory. It is primarily about practice. The small number of participants and our afternoon workshop ensure that you get plenty of individual practice. Real practice is what will make you succeed, not formal lectures.

We make you think for yourself

Our teaching strategy is to make you learn all key medical interview techniques through discussion and active participation.. We firmly believe that you will not learn to be good at interviews simply by being spoon-fed answers via a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, we make you think for yourself and ensure that you gain all the tools you need to answer any question thrown at you.

You will receive plenty of personal attention throughout the day

Not only will the small number of participants allow you to practice often during the day, you will also have personal access to the trainer to discuss your personal issues before the course, during all the breaks and after the course. Perhaps you have a background that is unusual or a particular feature of your past training that you want to discuss in more depth. We will give you all the time you need!

A unique blend of medical and communication

Our courses are put together by both doctors and communication specialists. This gives us a unique ability to look at the interview process from the medical and the communication angles, which you will find in no other courses. Because we also coach hundreds of doctors on a one-to-one basis from all specialities at all grades, we also have extensive knowledge of the questions asked of candidates.

Free email follow-up

After the course, we remain in contact with you. You can email us at any time and can be guaranteed a personal reply within 24 hours. After the course, once back home preparing for your medical interview, you will inevitably have questions or come across issues which will bother you. We will be there to answer your queries and support you in the final stages of your preparation. This is what makes our service unique and personal.

Last year, many of our candidates were successful in getting into their chosen speciality
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ISC Medical's CT / ST medical interview course will make a huge difference to your performance

Who Are Our Tutors

All courses are run by very experienced tutors, skilled in specialist interview skills training with in-depth knowledge of communication and NHS issues.

Here is the complete list of our trainers:

If you have any particular preference, please call us or email with the dates that you have in mind and we can tell you who will run the course on those dates.

Free unlimited support for your interview preparation if you attend ISC Medical's CT/ST interview course

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What Our Clients Say


"I attended the recent interview skills course in London and found it very useful. I thought you may like to know that I was successful in my core surgical training application, and that I actually was ranked top in London out of 544 applicants. My interview score was 207/216. I'm obviously thrilled, and I hope that the news also makes you smile."


"Olivier was a charismatic speaker who maintained my interest throughout the day. He kept up a clear message throughout the day, regardless of the question i.e. personalise your response and avoid airy phrases. Also the small numbers allowed a much more personal approach than I have experienced at other courses."

Sam, ENT

"Excellent course, perfectly tailored to my needs for my ST1 interview. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the course and the feedback that I received was extremely useful and constructive"

Rehan, CMT

"I liked the course very much. Olivier was inspiring and has an impressive knowledge of medicine and NHS management issues. I found his role plays of answering questions illuminating. The whole day enjoyable, and I feel that it has improved my understanding of the interview process substantially."

Dan, Paediatrics

"I really enjoyed the course. It really covered all aspects of medical interviews. I also found the interactive nature of the day very encouraging. Having a very enthusiastic, warm and friendly trainer also made a big difference"

Nasser, Anaesthesia

"My heartfelt thanks to you. The course gave me an an overview of what is normally expected in the interview and the ways to answer the common questions being asked in such medical interview. I would certainly recommend this course to all doctors who are going for any medical ST interview"

Sridhar, Orthopaedics

Last year, many of our candidates were successful in getting into their chosen speciality
Don't leave it to chance

ISC Medical's CT / ST medical interview course will make a huge difference to your performance