CT/ST Interview Guide/Book

Two guides to help you succeed at your CT/ST/Registrar interview

Option 1 - Medical Interviews (Fourth Edition) - A Comprehensive Guide CT, ST & SPR Interview Skills

The book provides you with unique insight into the marking schemes and describes techniques to address the various types of questions. It contains examples and analyses of good and bad examples of answers, teaches you how to add depth to your answers and how to answer those difficult ethical scenarios and lateral thinking questions. It also deals with all current NHS issues.

This book covers over 120 questions, techniques and hot topics. It is an easy-to-read practical guide that will help you express your true potential and to get the training post that you want.


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Option 2 - Downloadable Guide to CT, ST & Registrar Interviews

This immediately downloadable guide is the pdf version of our best-selling medical interview book for CT, ST and Registrar interviews, containing the essential information you need to prepare for your interview with the appropriate focus. Same content, just a different format.

Through its 390 pages it provides the essential focus you need to prepare for your speciality interview and summarises the key issues that you need to grasp in order to succeed at your interview including updates on NHS issues.

The downloadable nature of the pdf document makes it ideal for those who are short on time and do not have time to purchase and read our book "Comprehensive guide to the CT, ST and Registrar interview skills".


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