ISC Medical is the primary provider of application and interview skills solutions for doctors in training in the UK. We have built our solid reputation over many years thanks to the quality and the personalisation of the service that we provide. We have developed a range of products especially targetted at candidates to CT, ST as well as non-training posts. Whether you want some assistance with your medical application form or a forthcoming medical interview, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

CT/ST interview skills course (small groups of 8)

CT/ST Interview Course

A small-group based one-day medical interview skills course specifically designed for candidates applying to CT & ST posts in the UK and also suitable for those applying to Specialist Registrar posts in Ireland, as well as UK non training posts such as clinical fellow or staff grade posts.

CT/ST Medical Interview Skills Book

CT/ST Medical Interview Book

A comprehensive guide to CT, ST & Registrar interview skills. Over 120 medical interview questions, techniques & NHS topics explained.

The book provides you with unique insight into the marking schemes and describes techniques to address the various types of questions. It contains examples and analyses of good and bad examples of answers, teaches you how to add depth to your answers and how to answer those difficult ethical scenarios and lateral thinking questions.

CT/ST Interview Guide (Download)

CT/ST Interview Guide (download)

This 132 page immediately-downloadable guide (pdf format) is an abridged version of our best-selling "Comprehensive guide to the CT, ST and Registrar interview skills". It contains a wide range of techniques and examples, as well as clear explanations on current NHS topics.

It is ideal for those who want an electronic portable guide or are short of time to prepare for their forthcoming interview.

Medical Teaching & presentation course

Teach the teacher/Train the trainer course

Our 2-day teach the teacher / train the trainer course is designed to teach the practical skills required by doctors to teach their colleagues and present to peers. Fully participative, with comprehensive content. Max 9 participants per tutor. Full CPD accreditation: 12 points.

Advanced Communication Skills Course For Doctors

Advanced Communication Skills course

A packed two-day course run by established NHS consultants, dealing with all important aspects of communication with patients and colleagues. Based on a series of discussions and workshops, with plenty of practice, the course takes an in-depth look at the factors influencing communication and behaviours.

Management and Leadership course for doctors (2 days)

Leadership and Management course

A 2-day management and leadership course for doctors, specifically designed around the NHS's medical and clinical competency frameworks. Maximum 18 participants. 12 CPD points.

Assertiveness course for doctors

Assertiveness & Influencing Skills course

Our 1-day assertiveness and influencing skills course is specifically designed for doctors and is aimed at making you more confident in handling difficult situations and colleagues.

Public Speaking and  Advanced Presentation Skills Course

Public Speaking and Advanced Presentation Skills Course

Our 1-day assertiveness and influencing skills course is specifically designed for doctors and is aimed at making you more confident in handling difficult situations and colleagues.

Career, personal and executive coaching

Career, personal & executive coaching

A personalised coaching service for specifically geared towards preparation for consultant interviews. The coaching is provided in 2-hour slots and can be done face-to-face, by webcam or by telephone. This service constitutes a good supplement to our consultant interview course.