ISC Medical is one of the leading providers of resources and training for entry into GPST / GPVTS, the General Practice training scheme. Introduced in 2004, GPST specific courses have been praised as some of the most accurate and helpful practice resouces available. That reputation has prompted many trusts contact us to provide in-house courses for their own trainees.

Every year, our comprehensive range of GPST/GPVTS books and our small group courses helps hundreds of doctors achieve entry into General Practice training schemes. Our products include the following:

GPST / GPVTS Interview Course (small groups of 12 participants)

GPST Stage 3 course

A small-group based one-day medical interview skills course specifically designed for candidates applying to Stage 3 of the GPST / GPVTS recruitment process. Our courses are some of the most popular courses in the UK, with the small number of participants on each course ensuring a high success rate.

Ref GPST2-MCQ-20-2: MCQs for GPST / GPVTS Entry - Single Best Answers (Best of Five)

GPST Stage 2 - MCQs Practice Book

Ref GPST2-MCQ-20-2: MCQs for GPST / GPVTS Entry - Single Best Answers (Best of Five)

This book contains 300 scenarios in the MCQ Single Best Answer format. It includes all specialities covered at the GP ST / GP VTS Stage 2 assessment.

Ref GPST2-EMQ-21-9: EMQs for GPST / GPVTS Shortlisting

GPST Stage 2 - EMQ Practice Book

This book contains 1400 questions & scenarios covering 250 topics in the Extended Match Questions (EMQs) format. Includes all specialities covered at the GPST / GPVTS Stage 2 assessment.

Ref GPST2-DIL-22-6: 100 Dilemmas for GPST / GPVTS Entry

GPST Stage 2 - SJT Practice Book

This book covers exclusively the second paper of the Stage 2 Assessment day and contains over 100 scenario on professional dilemmas similar to those encountered at the exam. Includes examples, practice questions at all levels of difficulty and substantial answers and explanations.

Ref GPST3-GUI-23-3: Ultimate Guide to the GPST / GPVTS Selection Centre (Stage 3)

GPST Stage 3 - Ultimate guide to the Selection Centre (Book)

A comprehensive guide to the GPST Selection Centre. Comprises 45 role plays in line with the exam's new format (10 minute consultations with patient, relative/carer and colleague) and 30 prioritisation exercises. Comprehensive explanations and techniques to handle all aspects of the selection centre.