Leadership and Management course for doctors

Leadership & Management Course for NHS Doctors, Nurses & Healthcare Professionals

A leadership & management course designed around the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model. Covers all essential aspects of leadership and management: 

  • Discover the structure of the NHS and its challenges
  • Learn about the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model
  • Understand your own leadership style
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing and leading teams/others
  • Mentoring, coaching, motivating and inspiring others

Available as a two-day live course or as E-learning modules + live webinar format. Both grant you 12 CPD points. Recognised for portfolio and CCT/CESR purposes.

Two different formats - same course

Two-day live course (£379)

Leadership Online Module

A two-day interactive course, featuring a mix of workshops, role play, group exercises, and interactive presentations. During these extremely informative and interactive two days, you will discover and practise world-leading leadership and management techniques.

A good option for candidates who enjoy fast-paced learning, asking questions on the spot and actively participating in discussions.

Runs virtually on Zoom (max 15 participants).

E-learning modular course + live webinar (£279)

Leadership Online Module

The E-learning version of our two-day live course, consisting of 7 comprehensive modules featuring thought-provoking videos and inspiring talks by experts, enlightening personality questionnaires and exercises.

Includes a two-hour live webinar with one of our trainers to discuss topics, ask questions and make the material come to life.

Learn at your own pace with our 90-day subscription package. You will receive the same certificate as for the two-day live course.