CT / ST Interview Course Reviews

"I attended the recent interview skills course in London and found it very useful. I thought you may like to know that I was successful in my core surgical training application, and that I actually was ranked top in London out of 544 applicants. My interview score was 207/216. I'm obviously thrilled, and I hope that the news also makes you smile."


"Olivier was a charismatic speaker who maintained my interest throughout the day. He kept up a clear message throughout the day, regardless of the question i.e. personalise your response and avoid airy phrases. Also the small numbers allowed a much more personal approach than I have experienced at other courses."

Sam, ENT

"Excellent course, perfectly tailored to my needs for my ST1 interview. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the course and the feedback that I received was extremely useful and constructive"

Rehan, CMT

"I liked the course very much. Olivier was inspiring and has an impressive knowledge of medicine and NHS management issues. I found his role plays of answering questions illuminating. The whole day enjoyable, and I feel that it has improved my understanding of the interview process substantially."

Dan, Paediatrics

"I really enjoyed the course. It really covered all aspects of medical interviews. I also found the interactive nature of the day very encouraging. Having a very enthusiastic, warm and friendly trainer also made a big difference"

Nasser, Anaesthesia

"My heartfelt thanks to you. The course gave me an an overview of what is normally expected in the interview and the ways to answer the common questions being asked in such medical interview. I would certainly recommend this course to all doctors who are going for any medical ST interview"

Sridhar, Orthopaedics

"A very friendly atmosphere. Being in a small group of 15 made a refreshing change. I liked the depth with which Olivier addressed governance questions. His techniques for the general questions proved invaluable too."

David, Psychiatry

"Excellent value for money. Thorough explanations for all the important questions I wanted to work on. It was good to have the opportunity to work in small groups and the afternoon workshop and discussions were extremely useful."

Alex, Obs & Gynae

"It was certainly an eye-opener. Now I know where I went wrong before. The governance section was just amazing and I also feel like I could answer all difficult questions without any fear."

Will, CMT

"Great handouts. A really useful set of techniques. A great atmosphere too. I loved the informal approach. All this practice will pay off!"

Jay, Surgery in General

"A great day. I'd been on other courses before with over 100 people in a lecture theatre but this course beats them all because of the small group size. It provide such a better environment for practice and observation!"

Mark, Radiology

"What can I say!? Friendly trainer, good atmosphere, excellent practice and interactive session ... An excellent day."

Wendy, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

"Excellent techniques. I loved the session on governance. For once I understood it all and can talk about it without fear!"

Ron, Anaesthetics

"Thank you for the coaching you provided during the course. It really gave me the confidence I need to face the panel."

Vijay, Oncology

"It was an intense and fascinating experience. I learnt so much about myself and how to "blow my own trumpet". Thanks for this wonderful day."

Linda, Cardiology

"I learnt so much about myself, it's unbelievable. It makes you realise that you don't need to act so much at interviews. Take what you have and present it in the best possible light! Thanks so much for all your invaluable techniques."

John, ACCS Emergency Medicine

"A really really good course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the opportunity to practice in a small group proved absolutely invaluable. Everyone applying to SPR interviews should attend this course. Thanks also for the advice received on my CV at lunchtime!"

Grainne, Paediatrics

"Five of my colleagues recommended that I should attend this course and now I know why! All of them had attended it previously and been successful. My expectations were high and I am glad to say that you really came up to them! I got the job (my first choice!)"