Teach the Teacher/Train the Trainer Course Reviews

"A very well organised and run course full of content. Both trainers were fantastic. Very helpful, energetic, enthusiatic and very friendly. They made this one of the best courses I have been to. Always opened to suggestions and very knowledgeable."

Thusita, CT2, General Surgery

"I learnt a huge amount from the course. I like how the course has been set up so that attendees also learn a lot from each other. I liked that teaching was flexible in that it could be directed towards personal objectives. "

Tom, DCT2, Dentistry

"I thoroughly enjoyed your teach the teachers course. It was one of the most engaging courses I've been to. Today I gave a presentation to some junior doctors and I'm sure you'd be happy to know that I used INTRO, pattern interrupt, videos and a whole range of techniques that I got directly from your course! So for that I would like to say thank you."

Saleem, FY2

"One of the best courses I have attended! It has provided me with skills I can use not just within my medical career. The format of the course was excellent - I was engaged throughout, really enjoyed the different exercises, a lot of which emphasised the topics we were learning about and it didn't feel rushed or too drawn out. Both Rachel and Sarah were fantastic trainers and I can't speak more highly of them. They were warm and very welcoming and put so much enthusiasm and passion into both days. I learnt so much from them and will definitely be applying what I have learnt to my future teaching sessions."

Abi, Clinical Fellow, ICU

"I really enjoyed the structured teaching, practical tips and examples. I have learnt so much and can easily apply it to make presentations outstanding from now on. I thought Rachel and Mark were very skilled and helpful facilitators with great energy and a fountain of knowledge!"

Jen, F2

"Organised well. Attention to role play activities and presenting skills was very well thought. I really liked the dedicated time for teaching how to give feedback .. as it is what lasts with people/trainees for much much longer then any other form of education."

Maria, CT2

"Very nice and well organised course,covering almost everything. Sara/Rachel were very nice and friendly.Seemed to have total command of what they were teaching.They made this course a fun for us. Both were friendly and easily approachable, very well informed and good teachers as well. Honestly speaking, I went to course just for the CV but it was so interesting that I had no option but to pay attention and learn."

Syed, CT1 Medicine

"Without hesitation, I would recommend this course to all my colleagues. Interaction bits were great - ie the whole thing. Really excellent course that had plenty of practical application. I liked the way it was very practical and felt a safe environment generally. Both trainers were excellent, passionate, and knew what was relevant"


"Taught very useful techniques in the planning of lessons, actual delivery as well as providing feedback to trainees, easily applicable to teaching medical students and juniors. Also a very detailed handout/booklet which was much appreciated. I thought both the trainers were very good, easily approachable and got on easily with every person on the cause. Rachel was in particular very enthusiastic which really I think helped everyone to have a good time and Tom was also very enthusiastic, knowledgeable regarding what he was teaching and I really believe that they both made the course all the more enjoyable. Very useful and enjoyable course that I would definitely not hesitate to recommend to my colleagues!"


"Very good teachers. Interactive, interesting, relevant. Both trainers were enthusiastic and motivational content was highly applicable to my current practice. I was very impressed by the course/ content and trainers thanks v much"


"Highly interactive, mixture of people with different experience which made the course even better. Both Reachel and Tom were fantastic, very professional, approachable, supportive. They were able to share all information in very practical, interactive and interesting way.All stuff relevant to our practice. I would highly recommend this course to all doctors!"


"Great mix of theory and practice. Rachel and Tom were both very supportive and knowledgeable. This was the best course i have ever attended. I was nervous about the presentation but the trainers were really supportive and I learnt so much. Really practical so plenty learnt to use in the future. Thank you so much Rachel and Tom. :)"


"I learnt a lot about teaching and I realised that students/people we teach are all individuals who respond and assimilate information differently and the teaching must be appropriate for these variations. This was a great course. Tom/Rachel we friendly, inviting and always approachable. I felt they had good skills and knowledge levels and were very qualified to be hosting this course. There were lots of group activities so it was less didactic and there was of energy in the room. I have actually learnt a lot from this course, my perception of what and ways to teach has definitely changed. I have already put some of this into practice and i can see the difference it has made. "


"It felt very non-pressured, but at the same time you knew you were learning a lot. I thought the balance of small group work ad whole group discussion was spot-on. The teaching techniques (4mat / Edgar Dale) and the learning styles (Honey and Mumford) have really expanded and changed my approach to teaching. I feel empowered to approach teaching of anything from 1-to-1 all the way to a large group lecture now. The brainstorming on the start of day 2 was a great way to reinforce the things we had learnt. The trainers Rachel and Tom were both so friendly and supportive. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and everyone just seemed to get on really well and have a good time. The course was much better than I was expecting. I have been wanting to attend a teaching course for a long time, but I've been wondering whether it might be quite dry and tedious. It was anything but that. I felt quite sad to leave at the end of the two days."


"Both Tom and Rachel were enthusiastic about the course and showed genuine interest in each participant's understanding of the subject matter. They both had a sound knowledge base of subject matter and were able to impart this in a seamless fashion. I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues."

Adewale, ST6 O&G

"The course was very well organised. There was a good combination of theory and also practical exercises to reinforce the points covered. It was very interactive and everyone was made to feel involved. It never felt as if any of the sessions were dragging. The handout booklet is also very thorough. Both Tom and Rachel were very enthusiastic and really helped to make the course interesting and enjoyable. Some of the subject matter which could have been dull was made interesting by the way in which they delivered the teaching. They helped to reinforce the learning points by including as many practical exercises as possible which was very helpful. Overall they created a relaxed environment, and were very positive with feedback."

James, CT2 Anaesthetics

"Good mix of brief, succinct lectures and presentations with practical workshops. Good interaction amongst delegates and opportunities to share experiences. Excellent facilitators, Rachel and Tom. They were welcoming and keen to get to know us and our backgrounds and related the course content to this. Warm, friendly, encouraging, overall a very relaxed but positive atmosphere."

Kiran, CT2 Anaesthetics

"Very interactive, discussed useful principles and structures applicable to daily teaching, but more importantly, the style in which the course was delivered was very engaging. I was pleasantly surprised and had a blast with Tom and Rachel and other participants. Thoroughly recommend it, money well spent!"

Alethea, CT, Plastic Surgery

"Good mix of theory and practice 2. Excellent introduction to learning theories and different styles 3. Good mix of teaching modalities 4. Very enthusiastic facilitators who were well informed 5. Good that we all got to work with different people and meet new friends in the course 6. Honest feedback and encouraging learning environment. Rachel and Tom were enthusiastic, friendly, well informed, approachable and encouraging teachers. I felt we could ask them anything and they would have a good answer and explain things. Keep up the good work"

Mamatha, CT2, Renal Medicine

"The course outline, trainers and group size were absolutely first class. With those three things in place the two days flowed smoothly, and it was without doubt the best course I have attended to date. Excellent course"

Timothy, FY2, Emergency Medicine

"Fantastic venue with great facilities and excellent food. I liked the course format very much, and the style worked very well. The trainers Rachel and Tom were brilliant. They were clearly very experienced and taught us the key concepts well and allowed us to practice the skills acquired during the course. I thought they were very approachable and friendly."

Komal, FY2, Surgery

"Very interactive. The hand book is very informative. Working on the questionnaire made me understand how to deal with the four type of learners. Both Tom and Rachel were absolutely fabulous. We did not feel embarrassed to expose our ignorance to them. Now I feel more confident to handle junior staff. Seeing the video of my presentation made me aware of some of my mistakes."

Christina, Associate Specialist, O&G

"The small group sessions and highlighting of the ways people learn, how to tailor make teaching sessions to engage everyone and how to give contructive feedback whether negative or positive. Great trainers with lots of previous experience of teaching, which meant a positive learning experience for us as delegates. I had attention and support that I needed as well as goals for further development. Looking forward to booking onto another course with ISC Medical as well as recommending it to colleagues."

Sahib, CT1 Surgery

"Tom and Rachel were absolutely fantastic. Thank you for such a good course. What a confidence booster!"

Andrew, CT1, Core Medical Training

"A truly excellent course. I really feel much more confident in structuring my own medical teaching courses and giving feedback, including negative feedback, to my junior in a constructive manner. The practice sessions on the second day were absolutely invaluable. This is with no doubt the best Teach the teachers course there is."

Anisha, ST4, Psychiatry

"I had always been worried about public speaking and teaching others, but this course really energised me and helped me find the confidence I needed. Thank you so much"

Rachel, ST3 Anaesthetics

"I liked that the group was small and we got lots of help from the trainers. It was good to have the theoretical and practical aspects of the training interspersed to keep energy and interest levels up. All the areas that I hoped would be covered were, and from talking to colleagues who have been on courses run by competitors I think your format, ratio of trainers to delegates and handouts are superior. Rachel and Tom were both very credible trainers whilst remaining approachable and helpful. I liked the fact that Rachel and Tom managed to get the group talking and working well together when before the course, none of us had met. I liked the fact that I received a lot of feedback that was helpful. For example, I presented a topic that I am hoping to develop into a training session for colleagues at my hospital. Rachel gave me some very helpful ideas about how I could set about developing the session for which I am grateful. Thank you for an excellent two days."

Helen, F2 General Practice

"Perfect sized group. Enough to formulate interesting discussions but split up easily to create more intense learning groups. Well organised timetable. Short sessions worked really well. Lots of interaction to keep everyone involved and interested. Days not too long. Both trainers were excellent, very friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic. They were very approachable and offered good quality positive and negative feedback. Keep up the great work."

Amy, FY2

"I liked the fact that the group size was small. It gave everyone chance to get the attention they needed and it was not too large a group to be inhibited to answer questions. The instructors were excellent and went through the material at a good pace, checked everyone's understanding before proceeding, and the created a relaxed environment in which to learn and try out different techniques throughout the course."