Medical School Interview Course Reviews

"An absolutely amazing course which saved me hundreds of hours of preparation on my own. Loved the fact that we could all get involved in MMI stations and learn how to do a role play properly, how to discuss ethics knowledgeably and come across confident. Thank you to Nishali for such a great course."

Oliver, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

"Very helpful and easy to talk to. The tutor was approachable and more than willing to answer any questions. Also not afraid to be critical, and tell you exactly what's wrong with the way you come across."

Jenny, Manchester Medical School

"Loved the way everything was covered, the informal nature of it really helped (the way the chairs were in a circle and it wasn't a classroom style environment). We all had a chance to experience different types of MMI stations and the detail on how to approach the stations was superb. The teacher Dr Suresh Krishan was very engaging and helpful"

Ramandeep, Bristol Medical School

"I really like the technical aspect of the course, and how we learnt to answer a wide range of questions. Really passionate and great teacher. I would definitely recommend. She was motivating, thoughtful and sensitive. A really worthwhile investment"

Shiobhan, St George's Medical School

"I came along to an interview course in December and wanted to say thanks for all your help! I ended up getting 4 interviews and 4 offers and wouldn't have achieved it without the confidence and structure I gained from the course. The book too is amazing! I've recommended it to all my friends applying for medicine and head of sixth form."

Ellie, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

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"Excellent, the day flowed well there was plenty of opportunities to practise and get feedback. Great teacher. Very open and helpful, willing to talk and discuss issues and questions. I talked to her during the breaks and lunch and she was always available for personal questions. I will recommend this course to all my friends."

Kerenza, Leeds Medical School

"Very good teacher. Good at building up my confidence in the morning before going into more difficult questions and interviewing techniques in the afternoon. Used some very inventive methods for lessening our nerves and improving the general impression we will give at the interview. Don't feel that anything needs to be improved."

Joseph, Leicester Medical School

"The best course for preparing towards medical school interview. Excellent trainer. She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I don't think she could have made the day any better."

Flo, Manchester Medical School

"Very clear and concise course with an excellent opportunity to practice. Excellent discussions on ethics and great frameworks to learn how to sell ourselves"

Danni, UCL Medical School

"Very professional. Gail made everyone feel relaxed, emphasised peoples good points and taught us good techniques."

Mona, Peninsula Medical School

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"A superb course. Almost all the questions I was asked came up at the interview. The session on ethics and communication was also really useful to deal with the video-based questions I was asked at St Georges"

Allan, St George's Medical School

"Really enjoyed the day. It was good to listen to others and see things from an outside and an inside perspective. All the discussions and practice sessions were very useful too. I got offered 3 places!"

Asif, Birmingham Medical School

"A long and enjoyable day. I was so prepared that my interviewers commented on how good my interview technique was. I would certainly recommend the course to all my friends"

Vijay, Hull & York Medical School

"Got offered an unconditional offer. Thanks a lot!"

Emma, Manchester Medical School

"I finally found out where I went wrong last year thanks to the course and all the questions we worked on came up. And I got the place...!"

Dania, Oxford Medical School

"I came for an interview coaching session on the 21st of February, one day before my interview for the Warwick Graduate Entry Medical course. I thought I'd drop you a note and say thank you for all your help which proved very valuable indeed as I now hold an offer for the graduate course even though the interviews were very competitive. I thought your advice and feedback were excellent and proved a great help. Keep up the good work!"