One-To-One Interview Coaching GP Posts Reviews

"The interview went well, your support and advice did make a difference. I felt that I answered the questions with a better structure and more confidence and the presentation went well as well - I don't know how I could have done better!


"Many thanks for the helpful tips. I did the interview well and got the job!! Starting in September. I think the STAR approach really helped. Thanks again"


"Thank you for a great interview session at short notice! I found it very helpful, and it focused me immensely. I performed well at the interview and was selected for the job. Considering this was the first interview following the course, I am very pleased. Thank you once again."

Dhammika Ganesh, Salaried GP, Norfolk

"Please send my thanks to Julia. I have now got the job I wanted and am on course to achieve parity as a partner within 6 months. Thank you for all your support. I don't think I could have done it without you!

Hoshini, GP parnership, East Kent

"Good focus on the essential. I have the pleasure to let you know that I was successful at my recent GP partnership interview."

Robert, GP partnership, Birmingham

"A very good session which gave me a lot of confidence in confronting my first GP partnership interview. I got the job despite facing competition from 2 local trainees".

Joanna, GP Partnership, London

"I never thought I'd get so much structure and ideas from personal coaching. Thank you so much".

Lee, Salaried GP, Severn region

"What an amazing talent you have! Before the session I was getting rejection after rejection and now I have bagged two GP partnership jobs! It's nice to have the choice!"

Laura, GP Partnership, Nottingham

"I used ISC to get into GPVTS and, as I was impressed with the quality of the training, I chose ISC again for my GP interview. And I have absolutely no regret; you delivered again. I am now the proud holder of a GP Partnership in Oxford"