Leadership and Management Course Reviews

"The topics covered were really helpful. I now have a better understanding about the concepts of leadership and managements. We also covered a few topics not included and those were very helpful - performance management etc. The topics covered were so useful and very interesting. I can see myself definitely using these techniques and methods in the near future. Very easy to put into practice. Dave was fantastic. He was very enthusiastic and this definitely came across. He was willing to accommodate us in discussing additional topics which were invaluable (performance management) and I was fortunate enough to be coached by him (a real treat). In addition it was good to see him put what he preached into practice when having to deal with a particularly challenging individual in the group - most impressive. Wonderful course, has opened new interests for me (especially on the topic of emotional intelligence) and I look forward to that. Thank you"

Niki, ST6 Histopathology

"Well structured, informative handbook, good variety of teaching methods used to keep interest up. Excellent trainer, facilitated the session well and made many really interesting and thought provoking points. Really excellent course I would recommend to fellow peers."

Jonathan, ST4 Psychiatry

"The course was interactive, the group of participants fully engaged, the learning objectives were accomplished, the training materials supported the training. Mark is a very good trainer, very knowledgeable and with high standard of teaching skills. He is enthusiastic, with professional demeanor, actively invited questions. The course fully met my expectations."

Daniela, ST Paediatrics

"I liked the fact that the course was very interactive. The contents covered were very relevant and directly applicable to my day to day work. I liked the fact that the course was not a repetition of the King's Fund Management for SpRs course. The content covered was highly relevant and immediately applicable to day to day work unlike any other management courses I have attended. I think Tom is an excellent teacher both in terms of his teaching delivery and modeling. He used the concepts he was explaining to us, with us throughout the course. I never once looked at my watch. The course was very enjoyable and monopolized my attention."

Alexandra, SPR Psychiatry

"A brilliant course, packed with information on various leadership and management theories and techniques, which come very handy in the day-to-day NHS. I loved the session on negotiation and the session on the different styles of leadership and team."

Andrew, ST6 Anaesthesia

"Excellent - his time management was superb. I didn't feel bored for a siingle minute. I like the fact that the learning was through team/group work and unlike other courses, the 'moving up and down the chair' kept it going smoothly and nicely"

Andreas, ST6 O&G

"Good mix of styles... interactive with lots of opportunity to discuss things/ask questions and a varied amount of explanation and group exercises."

Monica, Fellow in Ophthalmology

"Tom was excellent The topics were well-selected and very useful. Great course. Good value for money. Will definitely recommend it to friends!"

Stefanie, Consultant ITU

"An excellent course. All structures and techniques were very relevant and applicable to real situations. I would recommend this course to all my colleagues"


"Informal friendly atmosphere. Encouraged participation . Lots of information/ground covered. Extremely useful. Both trainers were inspirational and enthusiastic, always positively reinforcing the groups opinions and discussions. Thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable - thank you."

Andrew, ST6 Maxillofacial

"Excellent course. Handbook very useful. Questionnaires (esp Belman) and role-play /coaching session /business plan all very useful. Tom's use of a lot of interactive material made the day very enjoyable and stopped the topic becoming dry. Discussing one's own experiences and how change was brought about was very useful."

Yasmin, ST6 Emergency Medicine

"Very informative. Not overly didactic which made for a more enjoyable course. Both Tom and Michael were very good teachers, enthusiastic and helpful."

Nick, SpR Anaesthetics

"I liked the interactivity and direct no-nonsense approach. Tom and Michael were very enthusiastic and open for discussion. I found them very helpful and prepared to discuss issues. I enjoyed the course thoroughly and found it really useful to know myself better as a person and as a leader"

Oliver, Consultant Anaesthetist

"An extremely useful, practical and interesting course which gave me a good understanding of management and leadership within the NHS, and more importantly a good plan of action to develop my skills further to gain access to the consultant grade."

Ashok, ST5 Surgery

"Congratulations to ISC for this extremely informative and well planned course. The trainers were top mark."

Guy, ST7, Paediatrics

"An absolutely brilliant 2 days. Fun, very educational and most useful."