GPST Stage 3 Course Reviews

"A must-do course for all GPST Stage 3 applicants."


"A very good course which I will recommend to all my colleagues. Natasha was superb and really gave me a lot of tips and confidence in handling the various role plays. The prioritisation tasks were all very well run."


"Lots of practice. Nice small group. This course is one of the best GPST courses I have attended."


"Absolutely brilliant course. Well organised and conveyed. Pleasant and well trained instructor. Group size was ideal for an efficient learning. Nishali was thorough and with ability to focus on all of the main issues we had to cover."


"Loved the chance to participate in role play and the discussion of each scenario afterwards. Good workbook with scenarios and practice written exercises for home as well. Natasha was very encouraging and willing to answer questions. Gave us several ideas and clear guidance on how to approach scenarios, in particular for the relative/carer scenario re. confidentiality."


"I liked the fact that there were numerous scenarios for the role play; more or less covering most of the topics that may be tested in the exam. Vidya was excellent."


"It was a very good and comprehensive course and explored the ins and outs of interview assessments. I am glad that I chose that course which helped me a lot. It was quite an intense and informative course.It gave me a definite idea on how to approach the exam and the interview."


"I liked the size of the group. Not too big. Good to have handouts to take away. Individual feedback given and good use of peer assessment to keep everyone involved throughout the day.Good pace. Chris was friendly,clearly knowledgeable about the topics. Encouraging and put everyone at ease. Clear, focused instructions given. Allowed plenty of time for questions. Relaxed atmosphere created."


"Jo was excellent. Very knowledgable. Very relaxed atmosphere. Was well worth attending the day. Greatly improved my insight aboout the up coming GP selection day. Excellent communication skills. Difficult to make suggestions for improvement."


"This was the best exam prep course I have ever been on! I do not need to attend any further courses. I feel much more confident and will approach m y revision in a more focused way. Thank you so much!!"


"I had read your GPVTS/GPST books and now came to the course. It was brilliant! I really enjoyed the role play. The trainer was so convincing and really tested us. I particularly appreciated the feedback which I got from the trainer throughout the day. I could have hoped for a better course and it really paid off since I got the post."


"Certainly the best GPVTS course available. The small group approach really ensures that everyone can participate. You have the best format! I went to two other courses before but one of them made you have a go at role play without supervision so it wasn't useful and the other one was more like a lecture. You are the best!"


"I have already recommended your GPST course to 5 of my friends. It was absolutely brilliant. The group discussion and role play practice was intense and extremely encouraging. In fact some of the role plays done at the course actually came up at the exam so it was a real bonus to have practiced them beforehand"


"Having gone to three other courses I can honestly say that this GPST course is the best around. Everyone got some proper supervised practice at role play and group discussion, and I felt really confident on the day of the assessment."


"Excellent tutor - one of the best tutor I have ever met before. Transparent, positive and encouraging with a constructive way of feedback that will benefit me throughout my life. Thank you !! It really helped me to realise how much I need to prepare and guide me through. An excellent course run be an excellent and talented trainer."


"Really the best course around. When everyone other course just does general stuff in big groups, I feel you really provide value for money by keeping the number of participants to a small number"


"An excellent course that I will certainly recommend to all my friends. Being a small number was certainly a massive bonus!"


"The course addressed absolutely everything. Down to earth, realistic teacher. Good knowledge. Good teaching skills. Encouraging, critical in a positive way. I can't think of any ways to improve."


"Excellent choice of topics for role play and group discussions. I shall highly recommend the course. Thanks to all the organisers."


"The best course on interview I have ever had. I loved the organisation, the contents, and the way he used to challenge the students. George is just such a brilliant teacher."


"Good content with plenty of interaction. Pleasant knowledgeable trainer, has got the patter down to a fine art! Especially good at piling on pressure in scenarios. I have been on another course and the delivery of scenarios on your course is much much better."


"Well informed about issues likely to be raised at stage 3 of the GPVTS selection process. Very little to be improved on!! Very enthusiastic & approachable trainer. Good at meeting the needs of the different backgrounds of people within the group. An excellent course that I will recommend to others."


"Definitely the best course around. Loved the role play and the techniques for group discussions proved invaluable. Got the post!"


"I wish I'd come earlier. Enjoyed all the personal attention that we got throughout the day. I will recommend you to everyone."


"Thanks for all your techniques. All the scenarios that we worked on were at the interview. Could not have been more spot on!"


"All the courses I'd been to had made me failed. But yours got me the VTS rotation of my dreams! Thanks again"


"A very structured, systematic and well organised course dealing with all main issues. Very central and pleasant surroundings. The trainer had a good sense of humour and was very encouraging. A very good course with an excellent approach. I will definitely recommend it to my friends."


"Well structured course with lots of interaction. The trainer was fun, knowledgeable, entertaining and knowledgeable. Will highly recommend to friends."


"I really enjoyed the course and the variety it offered. Having the small group was of great help to ensure that everyone could participate. Excellent role play and enlightening discussion about difficult scenarios."


"Thanks for the course. It really helped me build my confidence level. Now I know I can do it in the interview in April."