Consultant Interview Course Reviews

"I really liked that we were a small group so more chance to practice and speak. Chris was an amazing coach with very sensitive way of criticizing and making suggestion to improve. Very good suggestions to improve ourselves. Paid 100% attention to everyone's performance during practice sessions. Very approachable and friendly and made us feel at ease. Will highly recommend to my colleagues."

Akuratiyage, Anaesthesia

“I was a bit nervous about the course, being worried I would look a fool because I had only just started my preparation for my consultant interview. However, I was made to feel at ease as Chris created a safe space and I felt very comfortable answering questions with the different formats and structures he taught us. Really enjoyed the day and would highly recommend.”

Esther, Emergency Medicine

“This course has truly improved my understanding of the interview process. It gave me an invaluable insight into interview preparation and how to structure answers better.”

Dabeet, Paediatric Nephrology

“Having only 6 participants on the course gave everyone a chance to go through a mock interview and receive extensive feedback from Doug, who was brilliant. The content was focused on real questions and scenarios and the comments were helpful in improving our performance.”

Maya, Diabetes and Endocrine

“Well structured and Fiona was able to adapt to our needs and discussions. We had good opportunities to practice questions. Going through acronyms for answering specific types of questions e.g. CAMP, SPIES was incredibly valuable.”

Emilia, Gynaecology

“The structure, content and trainer all made the course an invaluable experience. During the course I built a solid baseline on which I started building. Following the course, I spent two weeks of intense preparation. I got a Substantive Consultant post on my first interview. Thank you ISC Medical, I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't attended your course!”

Alok, Vascular Surgery

“Brilliant. Honest feedback and advice. Really appreciated. Made a potentially stressful day with difficult to teach content fly past and be enjoyable. Sound advice.”

Lakhan, Haematology

“There was a good mix of information given and interview practice. It was useful to listen to other candidates and think about how to structure questions and the trainer also had a lot of useful insights.”

Vinesh, Clinical Radiology

“It was excellent, and Mo was superb. An excellent course - should be invited into deaneries - or allowed to spend study budget on such a course as it is vital preparation!”

Patrick, Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology

“Fiona was very supportive and friendly - it really helped me relax during the course. In addition to that she was also very experienced on the topic as she was both an interviewee and interviewer in the past”

Vaish, Psychiatry

“Chris was perceptive and articulate in identifying participants' strengths and using these as a platform to help build their confidence. He was kind and encouraging, but not shy to highlight areas that needed work. He was also extremely knowledgeable about the process. He seemed to be highly invested in ensuring that participants performed as well as possible at their upcoming interviews.”