Instructions for your Consultant Interview Course (Virtual on Zoom)

Thank you for booking onto one of ISC Medical's Consultant Interview courses. Below you will find all the information that you will need prior to the course including:

  • Timing of the course
  • Course material
  • Pre-course work
  • How to join the course
  • Zoom details and guidelines

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Course Details

Start of the course

The course starts at 9:30 exactly.

Please note that we cannot delay the start of the course to allow for late arrivals.

If you are late to the course, you will need to wait until an appropriate time when the trainer can accept you into the meeting room. This could be a several minute wait, please be patient.

Breaks and lunch

There will be short comfort breaks throughout the day, and a 45-minute lunch break.

The timings of breaks and lunch may vary depending on trainer and group dynamics.

End of the course

The day ends around 5:45pm.

Please note that if you are in an enthusiastic and talkative group, the end of the course may be slightly delayed.

The trainer will be happy to answer any additional questions you have after the course.

Course Material

The material provided is a 142-page handout covering key techniques and topics relating to the interview process .

There is no need to read the handout before the course. It is merely a reference guide for you to refer to after the course throughout your preparation for the interview.

To download the course handout, click on the button below.

Click here to download the handout (PDF)

Pre-Course Work

The first hour of the course will be spent on how to introduce yourself to a panel with maximum impact. In order to ensure that you and your colleagues get the most out of this first hour, we would ask you kindly to prepare a 3-minute answer to one of the following common opening interview questions:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Take us through your CV
  • What can you offer this Trust?

Prepare your answer as you would give it in the context of a real interview. You might find the section in the handout on the CAMP structure useful for this purpose.

Virtual Venue

The virtual course will take place on the Zoom platform.

Instructions containing a private Zoom access code to join the session will be sent 2 days before the date of the session.

Check your connection. Make sure that you have a strong enough connection and that your microphone and video camera are switched on. Ensure also that you can continue the session with alternative means if you have internet problems (for example, with a separate 4G/5G connection using your phone if needed). Note that no refund or postponement is possible if you are unable to complete the session in its entirety for any reason.

Zoom Guidelines

Dress the part. We know this is a virtual course but a smart casual dress code is still encouraged... At least from the waist up!

Keep your camera and microphone on. This is important for engagement in a group course and in order to have active discussion with your trainer and other participants it’s important to keep you camera and microphone on at all times.

Be an active listener and participate. Please make sure you’re listening and understanding what’s being said. You will also benefit from the course the most if you are actively participating in discussions and activities.

Do not multitask. Please do not do other work whilst on the course, you will retain more information if you are fully focused and it will be a more valuable use of your time. Of course making notes is an exception.