One-to-One Interview Practice (Medical School)

One-to-One Interview Coaching (Medical School)

A unique personalised coaching for medical school applicants who wish to refine their interview skills further or undertake more intense practice.

  • Individual 2-hour practice session
  • By webcam or by telephone
  • Provided by experienced trainers
  • Tailored to your individual needs
  • Adapted for the posts you have applied to
  • Personal support after the session
  • 95% success rate
10% discount if you book 2 one-to-one interview sessions at the same time
or if you book an interview course at the same time.


Our one-to-one interview coaching sessions can be done either by webcam or by telephone. Times may vary from week to week, and from day to day, but generally slots are available throughout the day and in the evening. The fee for a 2-hour session is £199. As soon as we have received your booking, we will be in touch to request a copy of your personal statement and any other information that you feel would be relevant for the session.

From: £199.00
inc vat


Our one-to-one interview practice sessions for medical school entry last 2 hours and can be entirely tailored to your needs. So, whether you want to practice a wide range of medical school interview questions or whether you want to focus on a particular areas (e.g. ethics, personal and motivation questions, or other types), we can provide what you need. We can also incorporate other activities found at MMI interviews such as analysis of newspaper articles or role play.


A typical session would take place as follows:

Shortly after you have made your booking we will contact you to ask you to email us relevant documents such as your personal statement and any information which will help us tailor the session to your requirements (e.g. the medical schools to which you have applied, etc).

The session itself can be conducted in many different ways depending on your specific needs. Typicaly, sessions run as follows:

  •  5 minutes: Discussion of prior experience, concerns, expectations about the interview process, agenda for the session.
  • 10 minutes: Mock interview under timed conditions to assess the candidates' strengths and weaknesses and identify areas on which work is required.
  • 45 minutes: Work on key interview techniques to address weaker areas and introduction of key frameworks to bring structure, personalisation and confidence into the answers.
  • 45 minutes: Further practice, including mini mock interviews.
  • 15 minutes: Q&A session, body language and other issues.

During the session, we can incorporate any aspect to the interview that you want to prepare for, including a wide range of MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) activities.

If, after the session, you need advice on specific points, we remain at your disposal via our post-course support service, which allows you to contact us at all times by email with your queries.

95% success rate

What Our Clients Say


I have been offered a place! :D. The interview went very well. I went in feeling that I could handle anything they threw at me. It was actually pretty informal and friendly. They didn't ask about my change of direction or even why I wanted to be a doctor! They seemed more interested in the teamwork aspect and "most important skills of a doctor"-type stuff. There was also an ethics question - they asked me to talk about an issue of my choosing, so I talked about whether very premature babies should be resuscitated as I could relate this to observing the cerebral palsy clinics at RMCH. I was fairly sure that I'd nailed it by the time I left, but it's been an agonising wait for the letter! Thank you again for your invaluable help. Prior to the coaching session, I really felt that I was going to have a meltdown in the interview - I couldn't think straight because I wanted it so badly - but I was able to work through my anxiety before the big day. ;)


My daughter told me that last night's coaching session by you was extremely good and gave her a lot of confident. Really appreciate your effort and thank you very much.


Just had an offer from Peninsula! So happy! Thank you so much for helping with my interview practice, not sure if it would have been the same outcome without you. :-)


I had a one to one interview session with you in London just over a month ago, and I thought I'd let you know that today I received an unconditional offer to study medicine at Sheffield! Thank you so much for all your help, I really appreciate it!


Just wanted to let you know that Lulu found her session with you incredibly helpful, and has been offered a place at Nottingham! She is thrilled and said that, having had coaching from you, she thought carefully about the answers she was most likely to use - and used them! Very many thanks for your excellent help!


I didn't get a place via the reserve list at Derby last year but I have today received an offer from them in addition to an offer from St George's. I'm more than a little shocked as I felt that Derby interview didn't go as well as last year's! It's a painful pleasure to be in the position where I now have to choose which one, but it is likely to be Derby, my original choice.


"Hi Julia, I hope your well. I got an update on my UCAS and have some very good news. I got an offer from Durham :-D and have decided to accept. Thank you sooooooo much for your tutoring, i have no doubt that you helped improve my chances immensely...i am eternally grateful and wish you all the best in your life and future."


"An extremely valuable session. Excellent complement to the course. I got an offer at Kings! Many thanks."


"Thank you so much for such a wonderful coaching session. It really helped me bring structure into my answers, which made me sound a lot clearer"


"Please convey my thanks to Julia. She was wonderful. Really helped me regain confidence in myself. Thank you so much for such a good opportunity to practise"


"I had a mock interview at school and the teacher was useless. I wish I had gone to you sooner. It was great to be able to talk to people with such a good understanding of the process at Birmingham's Medical School. I am also most grateful for the opportunity to practise some role play and to look at a newspaper article that Queen Mary's medical school had sent me before."


"An absolutely brilliant practice session. I was pleased to see that a lot of similar ethical scenarios came up at the interview on the day. The skype coaching worked well and I really appreciated not to have to travel to London"