Career, personal & executive coaching

Career, Personal & Executive Coaching for Doctors
Helping you find solutions to your work or personal problems

A personalised coaching service for specifically geared towards preparation for consultant interviews. The coaching is provided in 2-hour slots and can be done face-to-face, by webcam or by telephone. This service constitutes a good supplement to our consultant interview course.

  • Do you find it hard to cope with some aspects of your work? Are there aspects of your work or life that you wish you could handle better?
  • Are you finding it hard to make the right career choice for yourself?
  • Are you unhappy or fed-up at work?
  • Are you having problems dealing with or relating to others?

Whatever the decisions, difficulties or situations that you are encountering in your life or your workplace, our career, personal & executive coaching service will help you make sense of it and find solutions that can help you overcome it.

The fees for our coaching service are as follows:
Initial session (2 hours) + follow-up session (2 hours): £449. This fee also includes the preparation time & review time invested by the coach outside of the sessions
Further follow-up sessions (1.5 hours): £149


The total number of sessions that you require will obviously vary depending on the complexity and nature of the issues you wish to deal with. This can be assessed during your initial free consultation with the coach, before you commit to anything.

You will need to book the initial session and the first follow-up session at the same time (though the date of the first follow up session can be decided later on with the coach). The need or will for further follow-up sessions will be discuss between you and the coach at the end of the first follow up session, meaning that you do not have to commit to more than 2 sessions to start with.

To book a place on our coaching service, all you need to do is call us on 0203 507 0001 so that we can discuss your requirements and identify the best coach for you.

Price: £449.00
inc vat

Other sessions will only be payable if you and the coach feel that they are warranted.


Coaching consists of a series of one-to-one sessions between you and a professional who uses recognised skills and techniques to help you clarify your goals, identify your resources and options, and support you to take action to achieve your goals. The coach will work to understand your individual attitude, experience and values to help you find the solutions that will work for you. He/she creates a non-judgemental, professional, yet relaxed space where your agenda is the priority.

In order to assist with the process, coaches use a wide range of tools and techniques including:

  • Skillful questionning, challenge and support to develop your resourcefulness.
  • Practical exercises designed to induce reflection
  • Psychometric testing and other reflective tools

Who Can Benefit From Coaching?

Coaching can benefit anyone who is at a crossroad in their life or in their career, or needs support in overcoming specific issues. Examples of situations we have assisted medical professionals with include:

  • Trainees who find it hard to make the right career choices for themselves
  • Trainees who feel stuck in the wrong career choice
  • Junior consultants who find it hard to cope with their new responsibilities
  • Consultants who are unsure about whether to take additional responsibilities
  • Trainees who find it difficult to be assertive
  • Doctors who struggle to achieve a better work life balance
  • Doctors who struggle to manage conflict or strenuous relationships in the workplace
  • Trainees, consultants, nurses and other healthcare staff who find it hard to cope with change
  • Doctors who find it hard to fulfil ever-increasing expectations placed upon them
  • Doctors who wish to overcome their fears about taking up a new role
  • Doctors changing role (eg taking on additional or new responsibilities) and need support to deal with it
  • Consultants and other senior doctors finding it hard to tackle performance issues within their team
  • Doctors in difficulty

Every client is different and consequently our one-to-one service ensures that you learn to deal with the issues that concern you, at a pace that suits you, using an approach that you are comfortable with.


Amanda came to see me feeling very confused about her future career direction and uncertain whether hospital medicine was suited to her. She had rotated through several specialities and felt that none of them suited her. She felt that she may want to become a GP but was concerned that this would be regarded as an "easy way out".

Our first session was based around self-assessment and exploration to create a deeper understanding of her values, strengths, interests and personality-type through a variety of interactive tools and discussion. This helped increase her self-awareness and identify what she felt was important to her in a career. The following two sessions were focused on career exploration and ways in which she could research potential options. We also undertook decision-making exercises including a pros & cons analysis and a decision matrix tool and finally, preparation for the recruitment process for her chosen specialty as a GP. During the sessions we also worked on her concerns about choosing an alternative career and particularly her feelings towards the way others may perceive her in a negative light.

Nine months later, Amanda reported that she was doing exceptionally well on her training scheme and greatly enjoyed the variety of GP work. She felt she was able to avoid the heartache and disillusionment of starting out in the wrong specialty by investing in coaching during the early part of her career.

How Does The service Work?

The coaching service consists essentially of a series of confidential discussions between you and your coach. The number of sessions varies depending on the type and complexity of issues that you want to work on, though the majority of our clients only require between 2 and 4 sessions.

Here is how the process works:
Step 1: You call us to discuss your needs. This short discussion will give us an idea of what the issues are and what you are hoping to achieve with the coaching. We can then put you in touch with the coach which is likely to best suited to your needs.

Step 2: You have a 10-minute free telephone consultation with the coach that we have selected for you, so that you can be comfortable that you get on with them and that they are well placed to help you. At the end of the discussion, you can then decide whether or not to proceed with the service. If you make the decision to go ahead, you will agree dates with your coach and we will send instructions so that you can pay for both your first session and a follow-up session. You will then complete a short questionnaire which will give us a more specific idea of your expectations and how we can best assist you.

Step 3: Your first session. That session can take place either face-to-face (locations include: London, Warrington, Manchester, Leeds), or on Skype, or by telephone. This session will likely last 2 hours so that you have time to discuss the nature of the issues in depth with your coach.

Step 4: Inter-sessional tasks. During the session you will have identified a number of steps that you need to take to act upon the issues raised. This period of time after the first session will give you an opportunity to implement any action or change that you discussed with the coach.

Step 5: Follow-up session. During the follow-up session (which typically lasts 2 hours), you will review the progress that you made since the first session and will discuss further improvements and actions that you can bring about. At the end of the follow-up session, you will discuss with the coach whether you wish to take up further sessions, depending on your situation at that time. Follow-up sessions are conducted by Skype or over the phone.

Step 6: Further sessions (if needed). Should you wish to attend further sessions, this can be arranged with the coach at the end of the previous session. Further sessions usually last only 90 minutes, as you will already have covered the bulk of the ground during the early sessions. Those sessions are also conducted by Skype or telephone.


Paul, a 28-year-old, higher surgical trainee, had long-standing issues with low confidence, perceived underperformance and poor inter-personal relationships.

Prior to my first meeting with Paul, I asked him to create a timeline of life events, associated feelings and emotions, as well as any achievements within that timeframe, and asked him to complete a questionnaire assessing his driving values. In the first session, I sensitively and empathetically challenged where he thought his under-confidence stemmed from and raised his awareness to specific life events, which had propagated his self-beliefs. In the next three sessions, we worked together to enable Paul to challenge his preconceived self-perceptions, and how his 'please me' and 'be perfectionist' drivers were contributing to this situation. We also worked through several Gestalt therapy chair-work exercises to deal with through some of his emotional problems, and role played specific scenarios which had been troubling him.

Six months on, Paul is much more positive about his options, is more self-aware and has greater self-appreciation. He feels more resilient and empowered to take on new and old personal and professional challenges.

Who Are The Coaches?

Mo Gnanalingham

Mo is an experienced NHS Clinician [Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care (Royal Manchester Children's Hospital) & Honorary Senior Lecturer (University of Manchester)], Manager and Leader (with over 19 years experience), who is also an accredited Executive Coach (with over 200 hours of executive coaching), Leader, Career Champion, Mentor (& Mentor Champion) and Mediator within the North West (affiliated with NHS NW Academies of Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching). Mo has completed a 5-day European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) EQA quality-awarded coaching programme for Executive level delegates; a 10-week Certificate in Counselling Concepts; 2 Diplomas in Neurolinguistic Programming; a 6-day accredited OCN Consensio Mediation Training (and is an accredited Trust Mediator); and the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 endorsed Mentoring & Coaching Management course. Most recently, he has completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching accredited by the EMCC at Senior Practitioner level (awarded Distinction overall). He is also a full member of the EMCC, maintains their code of ethics and conduct, maintains the necessary CPD activities and engages in regular supervision.

Mo has 5 years coaching and mentoring experience, and uses his own learning and reflection gained through working in a large, complex organisation to add value for his clients. He thrives on developing others to maximise their full potential. Mo’s coaching style is supportive and challenging at the same time. His feedback and observation provide clients with new insights into themselves and regularly challenges their ways of thinking, being or doing. His coaching has delivered a range of benefits for clients in terms of clients maximising their strengths in their current roles and then using these strengths in areas of developmental need. Mo is at ease working with clients dealing with organisational changes, raising personal awareness and insight, personal-brand management, perception management, improved confidence/self-image, dealing with personal ‘gremlins’, difficult work relationships, clarifying career direction, next steps or achieving promotion, and specific leadership skills and development.


Julia Sinclair

Julia is an experienced and qualified coach with over 15 years’ experience in coaching (including over 2,000 hours of interview coaching), human resources, learning & development and recruitment across private and not-for-profit sector organisations.

She has completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Career Coaching (awarded by the University of East London), and also holds a professional Diploma in Counselling (recognised by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy). She is a fully qualified trainer (CIPD) and possesses qualifications in adult learning (PTTLS & City & Guilds). She also holds a Diploma in Stress Management and is a qualified and experienced holistic therapist. Her background in this field underpins her knowledge of stress-management and resilience coaching.

She is a full member of the Association for Coaching and undertakes regular supervision.

Julia is passionate about supporting and developing her clients to thrive and achieve their full potential in their professional life and adopts an empathetic, encouraging but challenging approach. Specialising in career coaching, Julia helps clients to increase their understanding of what they want from work, identify a suitable career fit and work towards creating a realistic action plan to move forward. She also helps individuals to perform better at work, excel in new roles with greater responsibility and enjoy rewarding careers. Julia draws upon a wide range of tools and techniques focusing on the specific strengths, needs and goals of the individual.

Julia has acquired excellent knowledge of the medical career path and spent the past few years working exclusively as a coach predominantly in the medical sector focusing on preparing clients for interviews including technique/delivery, structure and confidence-building. She has successfully helped many students gain acceptance at medical school through to Consultants and GPs landing senior roles.

She also has a particular interest in promoting well-being at work and increasing confidence and resilience in challenging environments.