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Professional and personal medical CV writing service designed to address the needs of NHS doctors applying for:

  • GP salaried posts
  • GP partnership positions.

We tailor your CV exactly to your needs by remaining constantly in touch with you throughout the process and we work on your CV until you are satisfied.


  • You book a slot online, choosing the date on which you want to receive the first draft of your CV from us and making the appropriate payment.
  • We will confirm your booking by email and will request a copy of your current CV. On receipt of your CV, we will request any information that we feel is missing and will raise any preliminary issue that we will have identified.
  • On the agreed date, we will send you a first draft of your new CV, raising any further issues as necessary and requesting any further data that we need to complete the document. The whole process is done by email, so you do not need to take any time off work or to come to our office.
  • Once we have received your comments, we will produce the final CV within 2 to 5 working days of receipt of the comments and additional information requested.
  • You will receive your final CV in Microsoft Word format, by email. The CV can then be tailored to different posts and easily updated in future. You can also print it and apply straight away.


Our prices are the most competitive in the industry and we are also recognised as the most quality, diligent, precise and personal service around. The fee for writing your CV is £299. For an additional £50 you can, if you wish, also have a cover letter drafted for you. That cover letter will be tailored to a specific post that you wish to apply for.


If you applying to your consultant post via a CV, the CV will be your most important selling tool when it comes to getting this all important shortlisting.  Using our services will not only save you time, stress and hassle but will also ensure that you optimise your chances. Here are 3 good reasons why you should prefer ISC Medical to other CV writing providers:

  • Many providers make you fill in a form and then simply reformat the information provided. We don't just use the information you provide; we work with you to identify all the information that can be incorporated depending on your background, the type of post that you are applying for, the type of practice you are aiming to join and your responsibilities within your role.
  • Unlike many others, we do not use templates for our CVs. Every CV is unique and structured in a way that suits YOUR needs, YOUR background and helps you sell YOUR strengths optimally.
  • We write hundreds of CVs every year and liaise constantly with recruiters to ensure that your CV reflects what is right for YOU.
  • We will work on your CV until you are satisfied. Most other providers allow you only a small number of corrections before giving up on you. We don't. You can email us when you want and ask for as many changes as you want (within reason of course!)
  • We provide the CV in electronic format and show you how you can adapt it for the different jobs that you are applying for. Don't be tempted by CV writers who provide you with gold pins and posh paper at inflated prices. GP practices want a CV they can photocopy easily. Buying a printed version of the CV will not help you and will prevent you from making alterations as needed. Our service is simple, personal, efficient and, most importantly, it ADDS value.


Booking a slot is a simple process and can be done entirely online. To access the online booking form, simply click here or on the button below. If you want more information about our service, do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@iscmedical.co.uk and we will answer all your queries in the shortest possible timescale.

8:30 am - 8:30 pm