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A two-day leadership & management course for doctors, specifically designed around the new Healthcare Leadership Model.

  • Max. 18 participants.Only £399. 12 CPD points.
  • London and Manchester venues
  • Recognised for CCT purposes.
  • Covers all essential aspects of leadership and management.
  • Fully aligned with the new Healthcare Leadership Model
  • Good mix of workshops, group exercises, role play and interactive presentations.
10% discount if you book 2 places on this course
or if you book another personal development/interview course at the same time.


Our management and leadership course is designed to equip doctors with important skills and attributes which are relevant all aspects of their work. The course covers a wide range of skills and knowledge,  including:

  • Understanding the leadership style of the NHS
  • Understanding your own leadership style
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing teams
  • Inspiring people
  • Managing and leading others
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Motivating others


Our medical management and leadership course is suitable for doctors at all grades, as well as managers and senior nurses. During the course of those extremely informative and interactive two days, you will discover and practise world-leading  leadership and management techniques. Typically, our medical management and leadership course for doctors runs as follows. Note that the timing, order and methods may change depending on the nature of the group.

  DAY 1
09:00  Arrival and refreshments
09:30 Introduction and objectives 
Participants are given the opportunity to discuss their objectives with each other and with the trainer(s).
10:00 The difference between leadership and management
Contrast leadership and management by analysing some of the most prominent management and leadership models such as Kolter, Kouzes & Posner, and Blanchard.
11:00 Understanding the NHS leadership style
Learn about the new NHS Leadership Model (replacing the NHS Medical Leadership Competency Framework  - MLCF) which identifies the key competencies for leadership within the NHS. 
12:00 Understanding your own leadership style
Complete a questionnaire to identify your own preferred leadership style.
Discuss how your style interacts / interferes with other styles.
Discuss the pros and cons of various styles of leadership.  
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 Self-leadership and management - Emotional intelligence
Discover Daniel Goleman's work on emotional intelligence and the concept of emotional quotient (EQ).
Discuss the impact of understanding your own emotional triggers, the impact this has on others, and the impact other people's emotional intelligence has on you, as leader and manager. 
14:45 Leading teams
Consider various models of team leadership.
Complete a practical exercise to demonstrate the "do"s and "don't"s of team leadership and management.
Complete a team playing questionnaire (the Belbin test - often used by NHS trusts as part of the recruitment process) to identify your own role within teams.
Discuss how your own role impacts on you and others.
16:30 Summary of Day 1 and setup of Action Learning Sets for Day 2.
17:00 Close
  DAY 2
09:00 Arrival and refreshments
09:30 Recap on Day 1 
09:45 Inspirational leadership
Introduction to the concept of inspirational leadership as defined by Kouzes and Posner.
Determine what you currently do or could do to become an inspirational leader. 
11:00 Action Learning Sets - Finding real solutions to real challenges
Discuss and create solutions to real life challenges by you and your colleagues.
 12:00 Leading and managing individuals - Flexible leadership
Introduction to the concept of flexible leadership using the Skill/Will matrix which identifies when to train, coach, mentor or delegate to team members based on their abilities to complete a specific task.
Learn how to identify underperformance in others and doctors in difficulty.
Learn how to deal with doctors in difficulty in accordance with GMC recommendations.
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 Leading and managing individuals - Mentoring and coaching
Learn and practise essential skills in leading and managing individuals with a particular emphasis on mentoring and coaching using the GROW model.
Learn about Dilt's logical levels (Iceberg) model an learn how to use it as a diagnostic tool for developing others and yourself. 
16:30 Action  plans & summary
16:45 End


Small group of only 18 candidates

In order to maintain the high quality of our courses, we accept only 18 participants on our medical management and leadership course. This enables interesting discussions to take place between candidates from a variety of backgrounds and specialities and allows each candidate to enquire and contribute on topics that interest them personally.

Fully up-to-date and competency-based

The course is based on the NHS's new Healthcare Leadership Model and uses evidence-based management and leadership techniques. You can therefore be fully reassured that it will address your management and leadership needs in the most relevant manner.

A management & leadership course written and delivered by experts

The course content, material and delivery is assured by experienced trainers in both management and leadership, providing candidates with the widest possible range of training opportunities mixing a corporate business approach with a strong clinical relevance.

We make complex issues easy to understand

All participants appreciate our ability to make such dry, complex and opaque topics as leadership and management sound interesting and lively. We know what you need and how to approach it. Our leadership and management course for doctors contains a mix of plenary sessions and small group discussions and exercises to ensure that you can approach the concepts of management and leadership from both a theoretical and a practical angle, thereby optimising your learning experience.


Our leadership and management courses for doctors take place in London on a regular basis. New dates are added as and when courses fill up. Courses are currently planned for the following dates:

2017   Sat 18 & Sun 19 March   Thu 06 & Fri 07 April   Sat 22 & Sun 23 April
    Thu 04 & Fri 05 May
  Sat 20 & Sun 21 May   Sat 17 & Sun 18 June
    Sat 15 & Sun 16 July
  Sat 19 & Sun 20 August
  Sat 16 & Sun 17 September
    Sat 21 & Sun 22 October
  Sat 18 & Sun 19 November
  Sat 16 & Sun 17 December
2017   Mon 10 & Tue 11 April

 OPEN - Book online                               FULL COURSE

London: Grange Holborn Hotel, 50-60 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AR
Kings Cross, Euston, Tottenham Court Road, Russell Square, Holborn

Manchester: Principal Manchester Hotel (formerly Palace Hotel), Oxford Street, Manchester M60 7HA
Located close to Manchester Piccadilly train station
9:30am prompt start, until 5:00pm
£399, all inclusive (Course, substantial handout, unlimited support after the course, refreshments & lunch)


ISC Medical' leadership and management course for doctors  has built a strong reputation for the quality of its courses and the personal attention that it provides to its client. Here is some of the feedback we obtained for past courses, both recent and older so that you can see the consistency of quality in our courses.

"The topics covered were really helpful. I now have a better understanding about the concepts of leadership and managements. We also covered a few topics not included and those were very helpful - performance management etc. The topics covered were so useful and very interesting. I can see myself definitely using these techniques and methods in the near future. Very easy to put into practice. Dave was fantastic. He was very enthusiastic and this definitely came across. He was willing to accommodate us in discussing additional topics which were invaluable (performance management) and I was fortunate enough to be coached by him (a real treat). In addition it was good to see him put what he preached into practice when having to deal with a particularly challenging individual in the group - most impressive. Wonderful course, has opened new interests for me (especially on the topic of emotional intelligence) and I look forward to that. Thank you" Niki, ST6 Histopathology, Leadership & Management course

Well structured, informative handbook, good variety of teaching methods used to keep interest up. Excellent trainer, facilitated the session well and made many really interesting and thought provoking points. Really excellent course I would recommend to fellow peers." Jonathan, ST4 Psychiatry, Leadership and management course for doctors

"The course was interactive, the group of participants fully engaged, the learning objectives were accomplished, the training materials supported the training. Mark is a very good trainer, very knowledgeable and with high standard of teaching skills. He is enthusiastic, with professional demeanor, actively invited questions. The course fully met my expectations." Daniela, ST Paediatrics, Leadership and management course for doctors

"I liked the fact that the course was very interactive. The contents covered were very relevant and directly applicable to my day to day work. I liked the fact that the course was not a repetition of the King's Fund Management for SpRs course. The content covered was highly relevant and immediately applicable to day to day work unlike any other management courses I have attended. I think Tom is an excellent teacher both in terms of his teaching delivery and modeling. He used the concepts he was explaining to us, with us throughout the course. I never once looked at my watch. The course was very enjoyable and monopolized my attention." Alexandra, SPR Psychiatry, Leadership and management course for doctors

"A brilliant course, packed with information on various leadership and management theories and techniques, which come very handy in the day-to-day NHS. I loved the session on negotiation and the session on the different styles of leadership and team." Andrew, ST6 Anaesthesia, Leadership and management course for doctors

"Excellent - his time management was superb. I didn't feel bored for a siingle minute. I like the fact that the learning was through team/group work and unlike other courses, the 'moving up and down the chair' kept it going smoothly and nicely" Andreas, ST6 O&G, Leadership and management course for doctors

"Good mix of styles... interactive with lots of opportunity to discuss things/ask questions and a varied amount of explanation and group exercises." Monica, Fellow in Ophthalmology, Leadership and management course for doctors

"Tom was excellent The topics were well-selected and very useful. Great course. Good value for money. Will definitely recommend it to friends!" Stefanie, Consultant ITU, Leadership and management course for doctors

"An excellent course. All structures and techniques were very relevant and applicable to real situations. I would recommend this course to all my colleagues". John, Management and leadership course for doctors

"Informal friendly atmosphere. Encouraged participation . Lots of information/ground covered. Extremely useful. Both trainers were inspirational and enthusiastic, always positively reinforcing the groups opinions and discussions. Thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable - thank you." Andrew, ST6 Maxillofacial, Management and Leadership course for doctors

"Excellent course. Handbook very useful. Questionnaires (esp Belman) and role-play /coaching session /business plan all very useful. Tom's use of a lot of interactive material made the day very enjoyable and stopped the topic becoming dry. Discussing one's own experiences and how change was brought about was very useful." Yasmin, ST6 Emergency Medicine, Management & Leadership course for doctors

"Very informative. Not overly didactic which made for a more enjoyable course. Both Tom and Michael were very good teachers, enthusiastic and helpful." Nick, SpR Anaesthetics, Management and Leadership course for doctors

"I liked the interactivity and direct no-nonsense approach. Tom and Michael were very enthusiastic and open for discussion. I found them very helpful and prepared to discuss issues. I enjoyed the course thoroughly and found it really useful to know myself better as a person and as a leader". Oliver, Consultant Anaesthetist, Management and Leadership course for doctors

"An extremely useful, practical and interesting course which gave me a good understanding of management and leadership within the NHS, and more importantly a good plan of action to develop my skills further to gain access to the consultant grade. Ashok (ST5 Surgery), Management  & Leadership course for doctors, February 2011

"Congratulations to ISC for this extremely informative and well planned course. The trainers were top mark. Guy (ST7, Paediatrics), Management & Leadership course for doctors

"An absolutely brilliant 2 days. Fun, very educational and most useful." Farooq (ST5, O&G), Management & Leadership course for doctors


To book a place on our two-day leadership & management course for doctors, simply complete the form below with your chosen date and the name of the participant. Your booking will confirmed automatically as soon as we receive the payment via our secure online payment system. Full instructions for the course, including pre-course work will be sent to you by email well in advance of your course date.

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