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The UK's No.1 Consultant Interview Course 

One-day medical interview course specifically designed for consultant interviews. Interactive and participative format.

  • London & Manchester venues.
  • Max 6 participants. Only £359. 6 CPD points.
  • Mock interview. Personal feedback.
  • Coverage of relevant NHS issues.  
  • Free unlimited support after the course.
10% discount (i.e. £323) if you book 2 places on this course
or if you book another personal development/interview course at the same time.


Through interactive discussions, personal practice and listening to others, you will learn:

  • How to answer hard introductory questions e.g "Take us through your CV", "Tell me about yourself".
  • How to structure and personalise all your answers during consultant interviews.
  • How to talk about yourself without sounding "cheesy" and underconfident.
  • How to construct your answers to avoid coming across as a 'bullshitter'.
  • How to interpret questions to understand what the interviewers are looking for.
  • How to add value and use all consultant interview questions as an opportunity to sell yourself.
  • How to create a rapport with the interviewers and deliver natural answers.
  • How to prepare for questions on management, leadership, clinical governance and NHS issues.
  • How to give an opinion on current NHS issues constructively, without sounding militant.
  • How to present a confident and mature image through your answers and body language to come across as a credible consultant.

ISC Medical's consultant interview course takes a MAXIMUM of 6 participants in order to preserve the quality of our teaching and to ensure that everyone can participate as much as possible.


A good opportunity for candidates to share their experience with the trainer and other candidates and to discuss personal issues relating to their application or any other topics.
An introduction to the key ingredient for success at consultant interviews. A first opportunity for candidates to understand how to prepare effectively.
Tell me about yourself. Take us through you CV. Why this trust? A look at a range of questions designed to test your ability to summarise your background and motivation, with every candidate presenting themselves to the group formally. 
A thorough look at questions on communication skills, team playing, leadership and management, mistakes, strengths and weaknesses. Learn to sell yourself by introducing structure into your answers and personalising them with well explained examples. In this section, candidates take turn to answer a variety of questions, then leading to a group discussion on how to best structure and personalisation.
13:00 LUNCH
Individual mock interview in front of the group, recreating the pressure of real interviews and providing an opportunity to receive personal feedback and advice. The personalised nature of the feedback will help candidates form a clear plan of action for their post-course preparation. Apply the interview techniques developed earlier to a wide range of questions and learn to structure answers for questions relating to:
  • Your contribution to the Trust and the department
  • Research, Teaching, Training & CPD
  • Service development and improvement
  • Service management issues and Clinical Governance
  • Quality assurance and measurement, efficiency and cost savings
  • Conflict, stress and difficult/underperforming colleagues
  • How current reforms are affecting your own speciality 
An interactive discussion on a wide range of NHS hot topics to ensure that you understand the practical implications of all current issues for your speciality. Learn to give constructive opinions which will make the panel understand the value that you can offer the Trust through your practical understanding of all those issues. Topics include:

  • The NHS "5-Year Forward View"
  • The Greenaway "Shape of Training" proposals
  • The Berwick & Keogh reports
  • The Francis inquiries into Mid-Staffordshire
  • The Carter report
  • The Health and Social Care Act
  • CIP, QIPP, Efficiency, cost-savings, quality and safety
  • Darzi report, PROMs and CQUINS
  • Payment by results & Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) 
  • The impact of the "privatisation of the NHS" ("Any Qualified Provider", etc)
  • Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)
  • and anything else you would like to discuss and debate e.g. the 7-day working week etc.
Reflect on how you come across visually and how to optimise the impression that you give.
Discuss also how to benefit fully from pre-interview visits, who to see and not see, what to ask and how to gain all the information you need from the Trust to perform well at an interview, whether you are an internal or external candidate.
Discuss how to implement the day's learning into practice.

We have trained over 22,000 candidates for consultant interviews over 12 years.
91% got a job within one interview; 97% got a job within 2 interviews.
It's all down to our personal approach.

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Small group of MAXIMUM 6 participants

In order to maintain the high quality of our courses, we accept only 6 participants on each consultant interview course. You will therefore be able to raise and address at length any personal issues you want to discuss. Watch out for other companies who don't quote the number of participants or only quote an average number. That means their courses actually have a much larger group, which can be anything up to 200 and where you are mixed with other grades. We never exceed 6 people in total, all applying to consultant interviews and everyone participates throughout the day.

Mock interviews and plenty of personal practice

Since there are only 6 participants in each consultant interview course, you go through a proper mock interview with consultant interview coaching. Our competitors take up to 200 people and mix you with ST trainees. You will be lucky if you get asked even one question! Interviews are about communication and you can only learn communication in a small group where you can participate and ask questions.

Free unlimited support after the course

After the course we continue to support you. If, during your preparation, you have any question or any issue that bothers you, we are there to assist you. And it is not limited in time; so if you are attending the course now for a locum post and want some further advice a year later for a substantive post, we will be there for you. This is normally provided via email and, when needed, over the phone.

We don't just TEACH you, we COACH you

Whilst others may simply give you a few facts and techniques, we actually spend some time with you so that you understand the concepts, you are able to use them and apply them to your own circumstances. We support you personally throughout the day and even after the course, with our free email follow-up service.

Up to 10 courses per week to suit your needs

We know that people need courses that are on dates that suit them. For that reason, we organise up to 10 courses per week so you can find the date that suits you most. We are the only ones who can offer that (this is also what allows us to keep the number of participants low in each consultant interview course).

Fully up-to-date with current NHS issues

During the course we will be working on the most commonly asked consultant interview questions in the last twelve months, which are fed back to us by our candidates who have recently had their consultant interview. Over the past 10 years, we have coached thousands of candidates for consultant interviews, so that is a lot of knowledge and a lot of questions! We will also deal with all major current NHS issues.

High recommendation rate & high success rate

97% of our candidates obtain a post within 2 interviews. We are also proud to say that, in all the feedback that we have received, the vast majority felt that the course met all their expectations, was of very high standard, with the personal approach that they were looking for, and offered extremely good value in relation to others that they might have been to.

Free unlimited support for your interview preparation if you attend ISC Medical's consultant interview course.
No small print, no ifs, not buts, we want you to succeed.

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All consultant interview courses are run by very experienced tutors, skilled in specialist interview skills training with in-depth knowledge of communication and NHS issues. Here is the complete list of our trainers:

If you have any particular preference, please call us or email with the dates that you have in mind and we can tell you who will run the course on those dates.


Most of our consultant interview courses take place in London, with a few running in Manchester each month. We run several consultant interview courses per week in order to maintain the group size at 6 participants maximum. New dates are added as and when courses fill up. Courses are currently planned for the following dates:

FEB '17
  Fri 24 Feb     Sat 25 Feb   Sun 26 Feb
  Mon 27 Feb     Tue 28 Feb
  Sat 04 Mar
Tue 07 Mar  
Fri 10 Mar   Sat 11 Mar
  Sun 12 Mar
  Tue 14 Mar
    Fri 17 Mar
  Sat 18 Mar
  Sun 19 Mar    Tue 21 Mar    Fri 24 Mar    Sat 25 Mar
    Sun 26 Mar    Tue 28 Mar     Fri 31 Mar
  Sun 02 Apr
  Tue 04 Apr
  Fri 07 Apr
  Sat 08 Apr
  Sun 09 Apr    Tue 11 Apr 
    Fri 14 Apr    Sat 15 Apr    Tue 18 Apr    Fri 21 Apr    Sun 23 Apr    Tue 25 Apr 
    Fri 28 Apr    Sat 29 Apr
  Sun 30 Apr
MAY '17
  Tue 02 May
  Fri 05 May
  Sat 06 May
  Sun 07 May   Tue 09 May     Fri 12 May 
    Sun 14 May    Tue 16 May    Fri 19 May    Sat 20 May
  Sun 21 May    Tue 23 May 
    Fri 26 May
  Tue 30 May
JUN '17
  Fri 02 Jun
  Sun 04 Jun
  Tue 06 Jun
  Fri 09 Jun
  Sun 11 Jun
  Tue 13 Jun
    Fri 16 Jun
  Sun 18 Jun
  Tue 20 Jun
  Fri 23 Jun
  Sun 25 Jun
  Tue 27 Jun
    Fri 30 Jun
FEB '17
  Tue 21 Feb    Sat 25 Feb    Sun 26 Feb
MAR '17
  Sat 11 Mar
  Sat 18 Mar
Sun 26 Mar
APR '17
  Mon 3 Apr
  Sat 08 Apr    Sun 09 Apr   Fri 14 Apr
Good Friday
  Sun 16 Apr
Easter Sunday
  Mon 17 Apr
Easter Monday
    Mon 24 Apr
  Sat 29 Apr
MAY '17
  Sat 06 May
  Sun 07 May
  Sat 13 May
  Sun 14 May
JUN '17
  Sat 10 Jun
  Sun 11 Jun
  Sat 17 Jun
  Sun 18 Jun
  Sat 24 Jun
  Sun 25 Jun

 OPEN - Book online                                                        COURSE IS FULL
Our courses are run at one of the following venues:

Grange White Hall Hotel,
2 - 5 Montague Street, London WC1B 5BP.
Grange Beauchamp Hotel, 27 Bedford Place, London WC1B 5JH.
Grange Holborn Hotel, 50-60 Southampton Row, London WC1D 4AR

All three venues hotels are located in Central London, near the British Museum. The confirmation email will tell you in which venue the course will take place.
Kings Cross, Euston, Tottenham Court Road, Russell Square, Holborn
'DoubleTree by Hilton' Hotel, One Piccadilly Place, Manchester M1 3DG.
Principal Manchester Hotel (formerly Palace Hotel), Oxford Street, Manchester M60 7HA
Manchester Conference Centre, 78 Sackville St, Manchester M1 3NJ
All three venues are located right next to Manchester Piccadilly Station. The confirmation email will tell you in which venue the course will take place.
9:30am prompt start, until 5:45pm
Note that some courses may run until 6:00pm if participants are particularly interactive.
£359, all inclusive (Course, substantial handout, unlimited support after the course, refreshments & lunch)


To book a place on one of our consultant interview courses, simply click on the link below. Confirmation of your booking will be sent to you by email on receipt of your payment. Paying by debit or credit card using our entirely secure server will guarantee your immediate inclusion in the course.

ISC Medical's consultant interview course will hugely improve your performance.
High success rate. Don't leave it to chance
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ISC Medical's consultant interview course has an excellent reputation. Over the years, we have coached thousands of applicants to consultant posts with great success. That success is built on the personal approach that we take to our coaching by allowing you to practice in a small group. Our trainers are expert at providing constructive feedback and in guiding you to develop your own successful interview style. Here is some of the feedback we obtained for past courses, both recent and older so that you can see the consistency of quality in our courses.

"Excellent course. It demystified the process for me and broke down the questions so I could recognise what was really being asked. Provided a structured approach to answers and taught me how to score points and highlight the information I wanted to give. Helpful run through current NHS hot topics and comprehensive booklet to take away. Mock interviews were invaluable and I think the group was a good size to benefit from each other's experience without compromising on individual attention." Isabella, Acute Medicine, Consultant Interview course

"This was an excellent course that thoroughly deserves its reputation as the class leader. Petros was clearly experienced and was very approachable. I really liked the way emphasised direct, succinct answers and he provided lots of examples to demonstrate his points. I now realise just how underprepared I was for my upcoming interview, but fortunately have been given all of the strategies and tools I feel I need to be able to represent myself properly on the big day." Mark, Trauma & Orthopaedics, Consultant interview course

"The `thinking' behind questions gave a good structure and format. Rajat's style of teaching and feedback gave me a positive approach to consultant interviews, as did the small group teaching with actual interviews. I found the course very useful and timely. I was successful in achieving a substantive consultant post at my 1st interview (which was 3 days after the course). I felt confident and prepared as most of the interview questions were similar to the ones on the course. Thank you." Gayatri, Paediatrics consultant interview

"I found this a very useful course covering all aspects that will be expected from a candidate at an interview. I particularly found the mnemonics very useful at collecting my thought processes and helping me providing structured answers! I also found the feedback from the mock interviews very useful in order to improve area of weakness for the real day!" Glen, ENT consultant interview

"Very good value for money. I was impressed as the number of candidates on each course was limited and therefore more time available to concentrate on each candidate's needs. I found it was very interactive and made me feel more confident prior to my interview. Petros is a very good listener and made sure that each candidate highlighted the best in themselves. Excellent points given to improve communication during interview. I was very happy with the course and would definitely recommend it to friends. It certainly helped me to improve my communication skills and confidence and therefore I was successful in obtaining the Consultant post at my very first interview." Suji, Consultant interview course, Anaesthetics

"I really liked that we were a small group so more chance to practice and speak. Chris was an amazing coach with very sensitive way of criticizing and making suggestion to improve. Very good suggestions to improve ourselves. Paid 100% attention to everyone's performance during practice sessions. Very approachable and friendly and made us feel at ease. Will highly recommend to my colleagues." Akuratiyage , Consultant interview course, Anaesthesia

"Well organised Covered important areas and topics. Can't fault it. Chris was excellent. Engaging and interesting. He illustrated points well, drew on lots of personal experience and identified points for improvement, giving useful advice. Changed the way I approached interviews. I got a job!" David, Consultant Interview course, Anaesthesia

"Practical. Interactive. Lots of opportunities for questions. Kick up the backside for me! Small group, generally informal and actually quite fun. Covered a lot of topics and learnt a lot from the practice questions and general discussion which was stimulated. The course manual seems to be very in-depth too. Mo was very good, approachable and handled questions well." Judith, Consultant Interview Course, Anaesthetics

97% success rate. Small groups of max. 6 candidates for a personalised approach.
Experienced trainers. Here lies the success of this course
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"Really superb at giving constructive feedback, which is something that it is quite difficult to obtain. Very organised, experienced, clear, enthusiastic and able to draw from a large knowledge base sensibly to explain things. Over the past 18 months I have accumulated over 10 different interview resources and been on a different course, but none have been able to specifically explain and home in on problem areas for me as much as Olivier. Thank you. I have a much better understanding of how to approach and succeed at interview now. Tres bon! Thank you Olivier for your enthusiasm, care and energy that you put into helping each of us. You were very patient and shared your knowledge and skill well." Claire, Consultant interview course, Anaesthetics

"I liked the way Olivier explained how to deconstructed the questions to really uncover what they wanted and offerred approaches to answering which were simple and easy to apply. I also liked the way he continually reassured us that we didn't need to learn every thing but adopt an approach. I liked hearing the way he spoke about management issues from a more manager rather than clinician view point I found his feedback on my individual performance really useful." Catherine, Consultant interview course, Surgery

"Very interactive and pleasant course. Chris is one of the best trainer I have met in my life. He was very informative and not threatening. He was clear, calm and not intimidating at all. He knows a lot about current NHS issue and explained the issues in a clear and interesting manners. I will recommend this to everyone. Much better than any other course, I feel more confident after the course and looking forward to the interview day now!" Ruth, Consultant interview course, Geriatrics

"Very good location, close to the main stations and easy to find. Good food and catering. Good to have small groups and very interactive sessions. Excellent ongoing feedback with specific questioning and plenty of opportunity to practise. I liked Narbeh's good ability to offer general advice to all specialties and also able to offer specific advice to those in post and surgical vs medicine. Obviously very experienced, good speaker and included everyone equally. He had a non-threatening manner and was able to make suggestions diplomatically." Carole, Consultant interview course, Acute Medicine

"I enjoyed the opportunity to practice with constructive critique / feedback in non-threatening environment. Narbeh struck a good balance between jokey and serious styles. It was good to get feedback from someone experienced in interviewing and good to get negatives as well as positives highlighted. I liked his manner and anecdotes." Luciana, Geriatrics, Consultant interview course

"Relaxed format. Good to have small groups. Everyone interacted well so the course was very useful. Petros was relaxed and approachable. He gave sensible advice and facilitated the group well. He was very friendly, fully on top of the subject at discussion, was good at encouraging to think laterally, kept the team together and relaxed, involved everyone in the group." Fiona, Paediatrics, Consultant interview course

"The course was brilliant. I found it extremely helpful - even if I did it at last minute - 5 days before - it really focused my mind and gave me confidence on the day. One of my practice questions was asked on the day -so that was great. I think it is brilliant to be in such a small group - you gain so much by watching others - both how to do it (and not to!). Petros was superb - he was calm at all times and gave clear rationale for the way to answer questions. I was offered the job. Thank you! " Jane, Palliative Medicine, Consultant interview course

"Good structure and format. Interactive, not didactic. Allows insight into short-comings as well as being very informative. Mock interview nerve-racking, but good grounding and shows level of work to do. Olivier is experienced and has the ideal personality for running the course! Not too pushy and set template well. Friendly interaction with candidates and relaxed atmosphere through the day. I am glad to say I had a first Consultant Obs and Gynae interview locally 2 days ago and was successful! Thanks very much for your help and input. I really benefited from the day's course, the useful info you gave out as well as the mock interviews, which gave me insight into the prep needed and practice required.It is the job I especially wanted and thrilled to have achieved my goal. Have already recommended course to others here." Paul, O&G, Consultant interview course

"I'm pleased to say that just 4 days following my course, I had my third consultant interview (I had failed twice before going to the course) and was offered the post! This was in a competitive specialty with very few posts, and I was an outside candidate. The practice and written info from the course undoubtedly contributed to my success. Many, many thanks in enabling an incredibly nervous candidate to realise that I already knew the info, I just needed the skills to translate into "interview-speak"! I highly recommend this course to anyone applying for a consultant post." Denise, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Consultant interview course

We insist on keeping the number of participants to a maximum of 6 per course so that you get the best personal approach and can learn and practice in a conducive environment. No one else offers such a personal and dedicated service.
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"I am naturally a reserved and shy person, but unlike another interview preparation session the week prior, I did not feel intimidated. Narbeh's feedback was constructive, but not trying to get me to pretend to be someone else with a different personality, which I have felt that some people have implied to me previously. All of the candidates were of similar personality type (probably chance) but that helped a lot, as there were no dominant/arrogant personalities. I felt we all gave each other a chance. Useful session with constructive feedback, but done in a way that built on the elements that were good, rather than implying you should pretend to be someone else. Part of my difficulty with the idea of consultant interviews is that I have lacked self-confidence despite ability. Whatever happens in my consultant interviews, this session has really helped me." Felicity, Paediatrics. Consultant interview course

"Good advice on structuring answers, enjoyed the mocks and updates on NHS changes and implications. Olivier was eExcellent, very experienced and knowledgeable on NHS and consultant interview process but his non-nhs knowledge was also invaluable. Really sensible, down to earth advice, excellent knowledge of various a ssessments used, felt much more confident in being able to handle interview questions following this. Following your course on 27th April with Olivier, I have been appointed as a part time consultant in the post I applied for. Thanks for your help, the course was great and I’d definitely recommend it to others." Katie, Psychiatry, Consultant interview course

"Loved everything about it but in particular the fact that it is with such small number of candidates and and is kept absolutely personalised. Ish was really lovely, helpful and patient, offering really useful feedback and ample time for questions and further conversation. He was calm, composed, knowledgable, and made things really easy to grasp and offered brilliant advice." Elina, ENT, Consultant interview course

"Very structured and covered all the various aspects that are likely to come up in the interview. Olivier was excellent! Considering he is not a medical professional, his knowledge of the various specialities and their nuances was astonishing. He is obviously well experienced in running these courses and that was evident from the first minute. Olivier made us all feel instantly at ease particularly when all the candidates are strangers and it is rather daunting to open up and express your experience and thoughts in a room full of strangers. But in hindsight, that is exactly what is required in an interview as well. Equally, he was quite honest yet professional in his critiquing and I could feel the benefit of his knowledge and experience instantly. Amazing. My friend who had been on the course with Olivier before had said that I would be 'Invincible' after this course. I am delighted to say I had my interview three days after attending, and I was successful in securing my Consultant Vascular Surgeon post. I will most certainly be recommending this course to my junior colleagues when they are coming up to their consultant interviews." Raashid, Vascular Surgery, Consultant interview course

"Appreciated the small group with opportunity to interact. Mock interviews were really useful. Daniel was very good, plesant disposition, calm and very constructive in feedback. He came across as someone you can discuss worries about the interview process and he reflected back on his experience to draw out some of the answers which is a good technique." Sri, Rheumatology, Consultant interview course

"I liked the fact that it was focused on practice rather than theory. For me personally it was important that I was put on the spot and I had to answer questions in an interview-like environment.Doug was very nice and approachable and provided very constructive feedback to all candidates. Excellent course. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues." Margarita, Cardiology, Consultant interview course

Do you want to join the ranks of successful candidates?
Nearly 100% recommendation rate.
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"Enjoyed the chance to be part of an interview panel-can understand how it feels to see interviewees. Structurued and supportive feedback leading up to the mock interview. Very appropriate feedback pitched in the right tone. Focus on substance, technique and personalisation sets it apart from some other courses. The course professionally conveys the art and science behind medical interviewing. It eschew the gimmickry and formulaic approach of some other courses in favour of personalisation and imparting relevant insights." Syed, Occupational Medicine, Consultant interview course

"I really liked the structure (balance of teaching and participation); the group size is perfect. The information was helpful and the delivery inspiring. I thought this one day course delivered everything and more than I hoped for. I cant think of anything constructive to say that would improve it. Oliview was excellent, enthusiastic - totally focussed and really useful critisism- honest, highlighting deficiencies in a positive way! Memorable aide memoires. I think analysing and feeding back what the participants did was done so well, it was to the point, and done with great charm. I think all of us left feeling we could "crack" the interview and get the job! I honestly think this was excellent value and whether I get the job or not will have been the best contribution to preparation I could have done." Judy, General Surgery, Consultant interview course

"Well organised small and friendly course tailored precisely to the needs of those unfortunate enough to be preparing for consultant interview. Narbeh was highly professional yet entertaining. This was an excellent course for which I am very grateful. I would highly recommend this course to colleagues." Donald, Cardiothoracic surgery, Consultant interview course, December 2011

"I liked the question / answer style and mock interviews. Very good handout. Mo is a very confident character well suited to chairing the course. I was impressed by his insightful and incisive comments and great feedback in particular." Colm, Radiology, Consultant interview course

"The course was thorough and Olivier made us feel at ease. He was a very good communicator and had good knowledge of the subjects. I was impressed. Before I came to the consultant course, I had attended about 7-8 consultant interviews. When I came to the course, 20 min into it, I knew it was worth it, and I realised why I hadn't been shorlisted. The good news is that, the first interview I attended after your course, I got the job and am now a consultant." Pepe, General Surgery, Consultant interview course

"Excellent facilities, convenient location. The content was relevant and up to date plenty of opportunity for practice and to ask questions. Kriel was excellent! He displayed immense patience with us as a group and drew out the best in all of us. There was no question he didn't have an answer to. His knowledge of all specialities was incredibly detailed. I can't think of anything he can improve on! Fantastic course. Thank you." Deepa, Anaesthetics, Consultant Interview Course

97% of our candidates are successful within two interviews.
Don't leave it to chance.
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"The course covered all essential topics whilst allowing time for individual interview practice - helped by small group size. Mo was very good, and gave very clear examples and tips of how to answer the key interview questions in ways that I had not previously realised. He has obviously taught this course many times and has it down to a fine art! Very useful and well run course which I would recommend to others." Colin, Cardiology, Consultant interview courseSe

"I thought the course was extremely helpful. David was very knowledgeable and approachable and I was impressed that he'd obviously taken the time to think about each of our individual specialties and associated issues beforehand. Mock interviews were a great help, especially being in front of six other people we had only just met. David provided comprehensive individual feedback to us all. The coverage of NHS issues was concise and easy to understand, pitched at just the right level for interview. Overall, the course was excellent and I have already recommended it to colleagues." Lorraine, Child Psychiatry Consultant Interview course

"The small group allowed good balance of personal involvement, and observation of others, and allowed for personalised feedback. Olivier is a very focussed, constructive, likeable and relaxed trainer. The course did change the way I will prepare for interviews, I am glad i did it quite early." Penny, Radiology consultant interview

"I am so glad that I managed to secure a place on this course, just 6 days before my interview. In hindsight, it was timed perfectly, just the right amount of time to improve my technique but not too long so that it becomes "stale". Narbeh is a fantastic trainer and coach. He put all of us at ease, took the time to make the scenarios and questions individual to our circumstances and specialties, and delivered constructive feedback on how to improve. My confidence levels were improved vastly by attending this and am pleased to tell you that I got the job I wanted yesterday after my interview! I have no hesitation in recommending this as a "must do" course prior to a consultant interview." Vikas, Radiology Consultant interview

"I liked the entire course. Good introduction morning exploring relevant topics, with a step up in the afternoon as we became more relaxed with other particpants, allowing us to become more involved. Olivier was very knowledgeable, approachable, friendly yet prepared to constructively criticise when necessary. He clearly has vast experience and knowledge in this field despite not being a medic. I would and have recommended this course to a number of colleagues." Kieran, Anaesthetics, Consultant interview course

A consultant interview course with a strong reputation.
6 people maximum, very personal approach.
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"Loved the small group, good information and very interactive. I feel both educated and like that I've been given detailed feedback. I usually try and write something constructive for this feedback question- but there's nothing to improve! Narbeh was direct and clear about how we needed to be but with great humour and openness. He also had specific knowledge about the hospitals we were potentially going for. Credible, constructive, experienced and truly wanting us to get the best and most from this course. Thank you. This was money and a Saturday very well spent!" Malthi, Anaesthetics, Consultant interview course

"Tough interview but was offered the job. Thank you again for your guidance. The course was really good and I will certainly recommend it. Perhaps most valuable were the different structures that could be applied to various questions - good to organise thoughts when nervous. The discussion of NHS management issues in a small group format made me understand it better than reading dry documents full of management spiel from the internet and finally the opportunity to continue to seek advice on presentation etc post course has been invaluable." Jane, Consultant interview course

"The tutor was very focused and worked hard at helping us. Everything was explained clearly, such as the implications of the new white paper. He was very honest and down to earth - I did the XXXXXX Course about a year ago, where the tutor was very nice and flattering, and although it was good to have my ego massaged, I really needed to be told where I was going wrong, which Olivier did." Susan, Histopathology, Consultant interview course

"An absolutely brilliant course. Got my consultant job last week! A big 'thank you' to Kriel who had a very good working knowledge on current NHS affairs and encouraged everyone on the course during mock sessions on the 'HOT SEAT' Would highly recommend to all candidates preparing for their consultant interviews. Good luck to my fellow course candidates." Ajay, Urology, Consultant interview cours

"Good emphasis on personal interview skills in a non-hurried manner with plenty of time for feedback. Kriel was very patient and supportive. He did not appear hurried and gave ample time for discussion where needed. Kriel had a very easy style and I felt very relaxed throughout the course whilst constantly improving my understanding of the whole process of interviewing. I got appointed as Consultant on my very first interview and the course certainly helped a lot to polish and improve my interview skills. I would definitely recommend to everybody to attend this consultant interview course especially before going for a job they really want!" Graham, Paediatric Neurology consultant interview course

"The practice questions put us on the spot but it made up think of things under pressure. This added realism to the practice and it was good training for the 'real thing'. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the second half of the course when we were getting feedback in the mock interview section. The course book was also very clear. David was very direct and honest in his feedback which I appreciated. He presented the course material in a clear and structured way. He helped put the various techniques into practice, which is always useful and provided example statements to use to answer some of the questions. The course was very illuminating for me and I appreciated the feedback and experience I got from attending it. It has given me a lot to think about in preparation for my future interview." Alwyn, Psychiatry, Consultant interview course

Small group of 6 candidates, free unlimited support after the course
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"The way we each had the questions directed at us in a mock interview was very good, daunting at the time but well worth it! The course was outstanding and Narbeh was genuinely excellent. He really engaged with us, was light hearted but serious at the same time. He cut out the' rubbish' and got straight to the point about the interview. He was very street wise about the whole process! A genuinely fantastic course." Michael, Palliative Care

"I attended this course on the recommendation of another colleague and it provided exactly what I needed - lots of practice, self reflection, a very concise synopsis of medical politics and non-prescriptive advice about strategies with which to answer questions. The programme was well timed and easy to work through - any longer a day would have been too intense. Olivier was an excellent facilitator, able to point out how to improve without making any of us feel vulnerable and also enabling us to consolidate our skills as individuals. It can be easy for the quieter individuals to feel 'side-lined' at courses like this, but he controlled the group and how they contributed very well. I appreciated his frank feedback. Olivier is obviously very experienced at coaching interview skills and in helping individuals to uncover their own strengths. I had worried that a course so close to the interview (2 weeks before) would rock my confidence, but not. I attribute that to Olivier's style of leading and feedback. I have been to my interview since and I was successful. I'm very glad that I chose this course rather than some others advertised . My friend tried a similar course elsewhere and benefited much less, principally because there were fewer practice questions and bigger groups. If anyone reads this and is doubting about the benefits of attending this consultant interview course, my advice is to book a place and go for it - it's more than worth the money." Beverley, O&G

"Very good facilities; clean and food was very good; central location and easy to find. I liked everything in the course, especially the fact we were in small groups with plenty of practice. I think it is just right; i have been to other courses but this is by far the best i have been to and certainly will help me to obtain the jobs i would want. Olivier was very knowlegdeable and has a lot of experience; He goes to the point and method of delivery was excellent. Also he simplified the nhs politics in a brilliant way. I have recommended it already to 2 friends and told them to go on waitlist for cancellations. I feel it was worth every penny..." A, Ophthalmology

"I liked the small group teaching; giving a framework to give winning answers to questions and the content, concentrating on presentation skills as opposed to too much detail on NHS issues, etc which are perfectly (and appropriately) covered in handout. Picking up on a few key topical NHS topics in an easy-to-understand format helped too. I also enjoyed receiving individualised feedback and the opportunity to observe and learn from other people's mistakes too. Olivier is very knowledgeable and a good communicator. He dissected our performances well. I am sure this course will continue to benefit from very positive word of mouth. A huge advantage over others is the small-group setting and the practice sessions. I will be spreading the word!" Neil, Anaesthetics

"6:1 ratio allows enough exposure to "hot seat" questioning without being exhausting. Olivier was excellent, very knowledgeable about the whole process of medical interviews. He provided honest, constructive feedback. and came across as professional with enough humour to make the day enjoyable. The course demystified the interview process and gave me a lot of confidence. I was successful the following week at my first Consultant interview. I will be recommending the course to my colleagues." William, Radiology

"The course was very structured, concise and informative. It has given me a much more efficient and effective way to prepare for my interview and it distilled the information into the relevant aspects. It also made one think about how to use and organise information. Having just a small number of delegates on the course is perfect. Olivier was very good and clearly very experienced in his field. He gave very good constructive criticism and would then give examples of ways to modify/improve an answer using exactly the same information used, but never made anyone feel that the information they gave was useless. I felt that he had the balance of making us think and giving us the tools to be able to do this just right. I have already recommended your consultant interview course to others." Elizabeth, Obstetrics & Gynaecology


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