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CT / ST Application Form Guide (Download)

A unique guide to the CT & ST application form questions, suitable for all specialties.

CT and ST posts are increasingly difficult to obtain, with some specialties being extremely competitive. In order to get the medical or surgical training post that you seek, It is therefore crucial that you optimise your chances being shortlisted for interview. This guide will provide you with unique insight about each question should be approached and how they are marked, with in-depth guidance to help you write powerful personal answers.


Many candidates are struggling to complete their application forms in the short period of time that the deaneries allow. This guide will cut down dramatically your thinking time and will give you ideas and frameworks that you can use to answer all the questions that the form will ask.

This guide deals solely with CT and ST application forms and contains:

  • in depth guidance about how to derive strong content for your answers
  • information about marking schedules and how to optimise your score
  • sample answers for the important questions so that you can see what a good answer looks like, what to do and what not to do.

The guide also contains extensive guidance on how to answer questions asking for examples, which will not only be useful for those who have forms asking such questions, but also for everyone in preparation for their interview.

It covers all selection topics, including questions on:

  • Motivation
  • Skills & Competencies  (communication, team work, initiative, etc)
  • Audit, management & IT
  • Academic (research, publications, presentations)
  • Extra-curricular activities and achievements
  • Working with people
  • and much more.


This guide is available for immediate download at a price of £14.99.  To download this guide straight away, simply click "Add to Basket" below. As soon as your payment is received you will receive automatic instructions letting you know how you can download this 73-page guidance document.

Price: £14.99 inc vat

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